Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ten has regenerated... Bring on the Eleventh Doctor!

*major spoiler alert!!*
What a fantastic episode. And I mean FANTASTIC. You would think that I would say that it was horrible because Ten regenerated, but as a Whovian I try to look at things from different perspectives altogether. And what an amazing episode. The faults were minimal, really: I know a lot of people complained about Russell's writing and choice of characters, but we must keep in mind that DW is also aimed for children: and I guess it's funnier that way - instead of having death and fatal battles all the time, we can rejoice in his wit. There were some things that suprised me, though, especially the fact that I was almost certain that the Time War was going to be the reason why Ten regenerated! That was amazing. I was almost glad that Rassilon was back... although I was never too keen on him. But kudos to RTD for bringing him back.
The scene in which the Doctor holds the gun was incredibly scary. I was petrified. I was so, so nervous. For once, I thought that the 'Time Lord Victorious' had taken his soul for good. Thankfully, that was not the case. Another aspect I must mention is the fact that I almost thought the Doctor was going to commit suicide. I was really scared when he entered that little chamber to save Wilf's life. And David and Bernard's acting... that was BRILLIANCE! It was powerful, raw and so exciting all at the same time. It was beautiful. As was the Tenth Doctor, like Wilf said. (that bit was extremely emotional, although I cried during the entire episode) The Jack/Alonso and Martha/Mickey bit was totally unexpected, though. But I quite liked it. It was good. And then the Doctor visiting all his former companions... oh, that was so sad... and so lovely. He saved their lives so many times and yet he came back one last time. I cried really, really hard when he said his final words... 'I don't want to go'. :( Still hurts, but I'm sooooo excited about the upcoming Who episodes! :D
This is all I can muster at the moment... Might write something more on the subject when I've digested all the information.

The universe is going to sing you to sleep.

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