Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If Gallifrey is back... can he live?? - Speculation about how Season 4 ends

Okay, first of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts these last few days. I've been extremely busy and on top of that, it has been proving quite hard for me to assimilate all I've seen and heard in 'The End of Time Part 1'. I shan't post any more of the Adventure Calendar days as I had planned to due to the lack of time to do so. You would never get them in time, and I'm terribly sorry. If you want to follow the rest of the days, go to and you'll find it all there. And... Happy New Year, guys!
Back to TEoT... OMG, what an excellent episode. it was witty, it was funny, it was sad and incredibly touching. David and John were superb as the Doctor and the Master, and I'm expecting the last episode (sniff) to be equally brilliant. I must (!) mention that one scene in which Wilf and the Doctor are sitting on the café... with the Doctor saying he is going to die. That is probably the most amazing scene in the whole episode. 'Don't you dare' - both men crying and expressing what they feel at that precise moment, as if time and space had suddenly stopped. A burst of honesty fills the Doctor's soul and Wilf is there as his listener... and as his Guardian. I find that truly beautiful (opinion shared by my good friend FanaticalWhovian - - check her blog out, it is astonishingly fantastic. Filled with Who goodies!) and rather unexpected, I must confess. Never, in the whole history of Who, have I seen something like that. It's powerful, it's witty, and it's raw. And it's BRILLIANT, as the Doctor would have put it.
Well, if I'm allowed to say, I'm quite puzzled with this all Gallifrey returning thingy. How can it be back? Why is it back? To fight? To reestablish order in the Universe? Maybe, JUST maybe, they are there because the Doctor went backwards in time. Or maybe he didn't, we didn't see the TARDIS going all the way through time and space back to Gallifrey. Maybe we'll going to witness the Time War: the fall of Arcadia? We didn't actually see it. If Gallifrey is back on the screens, it can only mean two things: either we've gone backwards and Timelords are still alive or they have survived the TW. But how did they do that? Does Jenny have something to do with that? She regenerated, right? She must have, she's a Timelord, like the Doctor, her father. But we never saw her regenerating... as we didn't see the Master actually die... We saw his body, the flames... but he was brought back. Maybe they brought all Gallifreyans back as well!? Oh, that would be superb, splendid! And tell you what: in June's issue of Doctor Who Magazine (if I'm not mistaken), we were told several ways for the Doctor not to 'die'. And one of them was doing a favour to Timelords so that they would give him a whole new life cycle. Remember 'The Five Doctors'? Borusa and the other Timelords promised the Master that if he obeyed to their demands (rescuing the Fifth Doctor and all his incarnations). Could the Doctor do the same? Evidently, he's going to regenerate, but given that a Timelord only possesses 12 incarnations, what next? Matt Smith, and then another guy and then WHAT? No more Doctor Who? No more TARDIS, no more sonic screwdriver, no more Master, no more Gold, no more Moffat, no more adventures? What then? Sorry, I'm ranting here. It's just... the thought of losing DW is heartbreaking.
@valentineskid (on Twitter) and myself (@Britparsley) thought we had an answer to why Wilf and Donna didn't change to the Master. Maybe it was because they know him as the Master and not as Harold Saxon, like everybody else does. Donna is still the Doctor Donna, so it makes sense. They are the only ones who know the truth, right? So maybe that would explain it. *shakes fist* BARROWMAN!! :) I spend far too much time on Twitter. Fun times.
Oh, and for the record... I don't think the Master's powers are Buffy-ish at all. That is good old Doctor Who, and you know it. Remember Roger Delgado? Telepathy? Yeaaaah...

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