Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fabulous 'Waters of Mars' Fan Video (by FanaticalWhovian)

I think it is clear enough that I love, er, love the Tenth incarnation of the Doctor. 'Waters of Mars' was a fantastic episode... it made me cry so much and it left me so sad that for some time, I couldn't even watch fan videos made with clips from it. I can watch those tributes now, although it is still very hard on me. I still haven't been able to rewatch the episode... it brings a lot of memories and it certainly isn't happy. But it is a fantastic episode and I'm glad people pay their tributes to the fantastic David Tennant and Russell T Davies.
This video, 'Tempus', was made by a good friend of mine, FanaticalWhovian. - - check her blog, it's one of the best DW blogs around and it also focuses on David. This video is amazing... It links it all up, picks up all the loose ends and makes it all make sense. It's so incredibly powerful... it made me go teary! You MUST watch it, it is so amazing... I love it to bits. FanaticalWhovian is very talented and she should be acknowledged for all her hard work towards us Whovians. So here's a massive THANK YOU!!

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