Thursday, December 10, 2009

How has David influenced you?

I think overall David has made me a whole new person. I'm not different than I used to be, I'm just better. I've always loved theatre but now going to a venue has a whole different meaning to me, it's a mix of sweet and sour, a mix of upright sensations and butterflies in my stomach. I've played a few roles before, but it was never anything serious. Honestly, I'm thinking I should get back on track again, acting wise. David has also inspired me to be more honest with myself, to say that it is okay to have faults and that all we can do is accept them. I think that's one of David's strongest points: he doesn't want to look perfect. He wants to look like himself and I wanna be able to do the same. On the other hand, he has also taught me how to be more expressive when I want to say something without actually open my mouth. His big smiles encouraged me to smile more, something I did often but not very much. Through his characters, I've learnt many valuable lessons: Alan showed me how horrible it is to suffer from brain injury and having nobody there to understand what that person is going through; Campbell showed me it's okay to be depressive, that it doesn't mean you're weird or strange; the Doctor showed me how lonely life can be and how I don't want to be that way/how we can spread love throughout the entire universe; Peter taught me several valuable lessons about love, e.g. it's never too late to go after the person you love, even if it looks impossible to achieve; Giacomo showed me that true love does exist. And so on. Oh well.
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Juji said...

I know this is very late, but I thought I'd post anyway.
David has really changed my thinking on acting. Listening to some of the stories he tells in interviews and on commentaries has opened my eyes to just how much work it is, how exhausting it is, how time consuming. But also how worthwhile it is.
I think that he's a beautiful person, and I hope that some day, I get the honor of working with him, or at having a five minute conversation.