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New 'Single Father' picture!

A friend of mine sent this to me but I have no idea where it comes from. Can you please help me? I think it was somebody off Twitter that posted it, once I have read tweets about a new 'Single Father' picture, which I am presuming is this. Can you help me?

McCoy talks 'Hobbit'

Ex 'Doctor Who' Sylvester McCoy is said to be in talks for a part in Peter Jackson's upcoming 'Hobbit' movies. The 67 year old Scottish actor who played the popular timelord from 1987-89 told the Argyllshire Standard that he was in contention with one other actor for an important role in the 2 part fantasy epic.

“I am being cast in The Hobbit,” he said. “We’re currently in negotiations – there are two of us under consideration. It’s not the Bilbo role, but could be bigger.”

Lord of the Rings fansite The One Ring.Net is suggesting the role McCoy is likely to be cast in is that of the the wizard Radagast the Brown.

In the meantime the troubled 2 part movies are still yet to get the full greenlight with studio MGM stworking to sort out a takeover. Director Peter Jackson is touted to take over the vacant directorial role left by Guilermo Del Toro.

She's a Bard girl at heart (Karen Gillan)

Doctor Who's Karen Gillan is wowing fans as Amy Pond, but it seems she could murder another good part - in a Shakespeare tragedy.

She revealed: "I'm signed up for the next series of Doctor Who so I have no plans for anything else right now, but I would love to get into theatre after this series. I think Lady Macbeth is a character I could really get into - and she's from Inverness like me."

Fortunately it sounds as if the quirky actress and model's new found fame is washing over her like blood off a Scottish murderer's hands.

"It doesn't bother me or change how I dress," she said. "I've always been into fashion so I'm going to wear what I like.

"And I don't exercise or diet or anything. I slouch in front of the TV." Plenty of girls would kill to be able to do that...

Series 6 split into two blocks

Doctor Who fans are in for a treat with two series of the hit show set to screen in 2011.

Speaking at the International Television Festival in Edinburgh, producer Steven Moffat confirmed that a seven-episode series would be shown around Easter, followed by six episodes later in the year.

And he promised that there would be an "earth-shattering" cliffhanger midway through the two.

Moffat added that the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, and his sidekick Amy Pond - aka actress Karen Gillan - would face a "game-changing" moment in the new series.

Looking at the next series I thought what this show needs is a big event in the middle," he said. "I kept referring to a mid-season finale.

"So we are going to make it two series – seven episodes at Easter building to an earth-shattering climax, a cliffhanger we could never normally do because it would be too long before it came back. An enormous game-changing cliffhanger that will change everything."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh wow, Gallifrey trainers!

Famous actors narrate books for iPad

Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, The Hunt for Red October) and David Tennant (BBC TV Dr Who) provide the voices for the newest two children's picture books release for the iPad.

Penguin Group (NZ) in partnership with New Zealand company Kiwa Media is delighted to announce that Lynley Dodd's iconic bestseller Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy (David Tennant) and Jamie Lawrence's retold story Flick the Little Fire Engine (Sam Neill) are now both available in the iTunes iPad app store worldwide.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy debuted at #1 on the iPad apps books chart in New Zealand. This celebrated children's classic, with sales in traditional book form of over 1.5m copies worldwide, is about to reach a new generation of readers.

Flick the Little Fire Engine is a retelling of the classic American 'coming of age' story based on the hit 1946 radio story and includes the original sound track.

The QBook format offers young readers a new way to experience their favourite books on the iPad. This format has some unique features including touchable text to read, sound and spell, record your own voice, sound zones and animation and the ability to colour-in each page.

The release of these titles on the iPad marks another significant move for Penguin NZ as they adapt and embrace digital publishing.

"The iPad offers us a chance to share these wonderful books in a new way.

We can now offer a reading experience that is fully interactive, using all the features the iPad brings to the publishing world, yet we can remain faithful to the original book."

Nicholas Briggs in Doctor Who Live

British actor Nick Briggs is to portray former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the 'Doctor Who Live' stage show.

The actor - who played the wartime British Prime Minister in the episode 'Victory of the Daleks' in the BBC sci-fi series - will reprise his role when the production opens in the UK next month.

Briggs will also voice the parts of several 'Doctor Who' monsters, including the Daleks and the Cybermen.

The actor's alter-ego will be brought to the stage by a unique new character called Vorgenson - who has been dubbed the 'Greatest Showman in the Galaxy' - who can use his magical invention 'The Minimiser' to summon any 'Doctor Who' character.

Vorgenson will be played by 'The Young Ones' actor Nigel Planer, who admits landing the role has made his "boyhood dream come true".

He explained: "I'm incredibly excited to be joining 'Doctor Who Live' and this role is something of a boyhood dream come true. My character Vorgenson, who has been developed specially for the show by Steven Moffat ('Doctor Who' executive producer), is the 'Greatest Showman in the Galaxy' and using his incredible invention, 'The Minimiser' he can make any 'Doctor Who' character appear on stage as part of his travelling show dedicated to his hero. I hope I can survive visiting nine cities in October sharing a stage with eleven 'Doctor Who' monsters and a flying Dalek in tow!"

British illusionists The Twins - who have taught Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt how to perform magic tricks - will also help bring some of the Timelord's most famous foes to life with a dramatic display of stunts and illusions, while Matt Smith will appear as The Doctor in several video scenes.
Other enemies set to appear include Judoon, Silurians and Winders.

The upcoming 25-date stage show kicks off at London's Wembley Arena on October 8, and will visit Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff and Liverpool before closing in Belfast on November 7.

Tickets are available via and through Ticketmaster.

Nigel Planer to star in Doctor Who Live

Nigel Planer - best known for his role as TV hippy Neil in The Young Ones - is to take centre stage in the new live-action Doctor Who tour.
The hit BBC One show is being adapted for the stage in a nine-city arena tour which will begin next month, with Daleks and Cybermen among the evil creatures which will be brought to life.
Now Nigel has been unveiled as the star who will act as the production's lynchpin, starring as a travelling showman Vorgenson. The character journeys the galaxy spreading tales of the Doctor's exploits and using his "minimiser" gadget he can conjure up any of the Time Lord's foes for his audience.
Doctor Who's executive producer Steven Moffat has created the character specially for the touring version.
Nigel - whose previous stage successes include Chicago and We Will Rock You - said: "I'm incredibly excited to be joining Doctor Who Live and this role is something of a boyhood dream come true."
He added: "My character Vorgenson, who has been developed specially for the show by Steven Moffat, is the Greatest Showman in the Galaxy and using his incredible invention, 'The Minimiser', he can make any Doctor Who character appear on stage as part of his travelling show dedicated to his hero."
Matt Smith will appear via filmed sequences which have been made just for the stage show.
Renowned illusionists The Twins have devised stunts which will enable a Dalek to be seen flying during the performances.
Scarecrows, Oods and Silurian are also among show favourites to feature in the live production.
The tour begins at London's Wembley Arena on October 8 with further details at

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

David Tennant's new audiobook! [Just When Stories - The Legend of Earthseasky]

PRESS RELEASE: August 2010

TOP ACTOR DAVID TENNANT, best known as Dr Who, has teamed up with Hong Kong-based author Nury Vittachi on a new audio tale. The UK-based TV actor has recorded The Legend of Earthseasky, a new story by the popular Asian author.

The pairing is the lead story in a new book and audio-book story collection called the Just When Stories. Other top authors involved include William Boyd, Michael Morpurgo and Hanif Kureishi. Actors on the audiobook version include Romola Garai, star of Atonement, and Martin Jarvis, who was in Titanic.

The Just When Stories is a collection of original stories inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. That legendary book, which contains classic tales such as “How the Leopard Got His Spots”, was published in 1902. In a bid to raise funds for endangered animals 100 years later, UK-based animal lover Tamara Gray was inspired to commission top authors from around the world to create a new book asking the question JUST WHEN will endangered animals disappear?

The Just When Stories will appear shortly as a book, an e-book, an audiobook and an audio download, with prices ranging from 9.99 GBP to 14.99 GBP.

“The title ‘Just When Stories’ asks the questions: when will the irrational and cruel destruction of wildlife stop, and when will we take action to make it stop?” said Ms Gray. “Estimated at between US$6 billion and US$20 billion a year by Interpol, the illegal wildlife trade has drastically reduced numerous wildlife populations, and currently has some teetering on the brink of extinction.”

All profits from the sales of the book and audio files will be donated to WildAid and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Vittachi said: “We’re lucky enough to live on the most magical rock for a million, million miles. Let’s keep it that way.”

In his story The Legend of Earthseasky, which leads the collection, the animals of planet Earth hold a tense meeting at a secret location to find an answer to the threat of the Two-Legged Terror, a fast-breeding creature that is wiping out all other animal species.

Updates: Masterpiece Contemporary amongst other things! (via

  • Masterpiece have announced that David Tennant will be returning as host of Masterpiece Contemporary AND they will be reviewing his new drama Single Father for inclusion in a future schedule (not 2010 unfortunately).
  • New book about the history of the Dundee Rep has been released and it features memories of David's time at the Rep.
    The book, written by Linda Caston, charts the development of the theatre from 1939 to the present day, it has been released to mark the Rep's 70th birthday.
    Ms Caston tells The Courier:
    "I've had a lifelong interest in live theatre and have been attending Dundee Rep for over 35 years," she said.
    "I was aware that a comprehensive history had not previously been written, and thought it would make an interesting topic, combining my interests in local history and theatre."
    The book charts the theatre's rise from humble beginnings to become the current centre of Dundee's cultural life.
  • Copies are on sale priced £6 at the theatre's box office and at Waterstones, Commercial Street, Dundee.

First snap from 2010 Christmas Special

There’s nothing like talking about Christmas in August. So here’s a shot of the Doctor Who Yuletide episode to keep you in a summery mood…
The shoot is pretty much wrapped up now for this December's Doctor Who Christmas special, and as part and parcel of Matt Smith's appearance on The One Show last Friday, the BBC has sent out the first promotional still for the episode.
Granted, it doesn't tell you a lot, other than there will be a Tardis, the Doctor and some snow. But heck, there's nothing like looking at a festive snap in the middle of summer.


Cyberman sport Sunderland shirt

Look who's backing Sunderland's World Cup bid.
Today has been designated Wear Your Shirt to Work Day, to give fans a chance to show their support for England's bid to stage the 2018 World Cup.
And as a Fifa delegation arrives in the region to visit the Stadium of Light and St James' Park, even the cybermen are taking time out to show their support.
The metal meanies are among the monsters on show in the Dr Who exhibition at the Centre for Life in Newcastle.
The delegation flew into the country yesterday, when they were greeted by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at No 10 before going to Wembley Stadium.
They are due to arrive in the region tomorrow by helicopter, before heading off to Manchester.

Doctor Who games to debut on Nintendo consoles

Asylum Entertainment and Koch Media ready Wii and DS titles based on BBC series.
Two Nintendo video games based on the hit Doctor Who franchise are set to debut at retail.
Developed by Asylum Entertainment and distributed by Koch Media, Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for DS and Doctor Who: Return to Earth for Wii will launch in the UK, Australia and selected territories across Europe.
"We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with BBC Worldwide on these two new games," said Simon Bailey, MD of Asylum. "It is our firm belief that the franchise has massive potential on the Nintendo DS and Wii formats and it's an honour to be bringing Doctor Who video games to the show's huge fanbase."

Jones: David Tennant is so humble (not that we didn't know that already!)

Suranne Jones has described David Tennant as "humble" and "charismatic".
Jones stars alongside Tennant in new drama Single Father and explained that she loved working with him.
"Obviously Doctor Who was massive so I was really excited about meeting David," she told the Radio Times. "He's the funniest, most charismatic, intelligent, humble actor."
Jones also revealed details of the show, saying: "[Tennant] plays Dave, recently widowed and struggling to bring up his children, while I play his widow's best friend. We're brought together by grief, and emotions get complicated.
"What I love about the drama is that it asks: how would you react in that situation? It's wonderfully grown-up and it feels authentic."
Single Father is expected to air on BBC One in October.

Matt might be staying until 2013 - Commented News Item

DESPITE reports that he was set to leave Doctor Who after just one more series, Day & Night can exclusively reveal that Matt Smith is to stay on until the show’s 50th anniversary in three years.
BBC insiders now say moves are afoot to sign up the actor, 27, until 2013.
“The current team believe that Matt is the person to continue taking the show forward over the next few years and want to avoid the prospect of fans having to get used to yet another actor in the role in the near future,” says our show mole.
“Matt has made it clear he’s keen to commit himself to the series for the long-term.”
He took over from the hugely popular David Tennant at the beginning of the year and has won rave reviews.
A spokeswoman for the show says: “From Matt’s point of view he’s loving playing the part and has no plans to quit. We aren’t in a position to provide a comment as to whether he’ll be playing the part in 2013.”

To be honest, it doesn't come as a shock to me: obviously, we are only going to get a few more Doctors, so they better hold on to the lad!

David Tennant goes green(er)

British actor David Tennant, best known as Dr Who, and The Standard columnist Nury Vittachi have teamed up to help raise funds for endangered animals.
The pair collaborated for the lead tale in a new audio-book story collection called the Just When Stories, which was inspired by Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories published in 1902.
Britain-based animal lover Tamara Gray commissioned top authors - including William Boyd, Michael Morpurgo and Hanif Kureishi - to create a book asking the question: just when will endangered animals disappear?
The collection urges everybody to take action to stop the irrational and cruel destruction of wildlife.
It will be published this month as a book, an e-book, an audiobook and an audio download. All profits will go to WildAid and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

I HAD to post that picture... :)

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'Hello, this is David Tennant instructing you to put some clothes on'

This is FABULOUS! What a find!

The 10 best Hamlets [David Tennant bit]

Sardonic and volatile, David Tennant's Hamlet was so graceful that at times he seemed almost to dance across the stage. The idea of seeing Dr Who in the flesh brought schoolchildren thronging into Gregory Doran's modern-dress production for the RSC two years ago. What they saw was a japester who pushed himself squealing along on a caster chair, a young man sunk in a melancholy dream and a prince of parody, a compulsive mimic who kept becoming someone other than himself. This was a Hamlet who continually played with the idea that wit can look like witlessness. And vice versa.

Internet picks of the week [The Medium is not Enough] (via

Billing itself as "officially the fourth most popular UK TV blog", there are several whimsical regulars here that could help it climb as high as number three. Our favourites are the clips from Big Train – the brilliantly funny but too short-lived sketch show from the makers of Father Ted, which featured a young, pre-Spaced Simon Pegg in the late-90s – which are being served up in weekly bite size chunks. There's also Sitting Tennant, a series of posts dedicated to David Tennant pictured "sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between"; a possibly unhealthy obsession with Richard Armitage and an analysis of opening credit sequences. All of this, plus TV news and some ahead-of-the-curve (in Britain at least) moaning about Mad Men not being as good as it used to be.

Neil Gaiman posts 'Who' scene online

Neil Gaiman has posted a deleted scene from his Doctor Who script online.
The brief preview, cut from the final draft of his forthcoming instalment, features the Doctor and Amy investigating a mysterious bowl of food.
"The Doctor has just been given a bowl of something to eat," wrote Gaiman on his blog. "Something... possibly... alien."
The writer also revealed that the tenth draft of the script was rewritten by showrunner Steven Moffat.
Gaiman said: "Steven Moffat came to my rescue when I felt like I couldn't even pick it up again, and for that, he is a hero."
He added: "It hasn't really changed that much. It just gets tighter and, I hope, more like itself."
He explained that the episode is now nearing the production stage, with a table read through "about ten days away".
The new series of Doctor Who is expected to air on BBC One in early 2011.

Fly the TARDIS in third Doctor Who: The Adventure Games episode

Traveling through time is tough. Unless you were lucky enough to be born as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Doc Brown (or his young companion, Marty McFly) or something, it's pretty much been a crapshoot for most of us human beings. The only other possible option has been to meet The Doctor.
A more realistic alternative than trying to track that dude down is to play Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and BBC has announced that the upcoming third episode -- due to launch on August 27, but only available to UK residents -- will give players an intimate look behind the blue doors of the TARDIS and even let them pilot it. For the unaware, the TARDIS is the it's-a-police-box-but-not-really structure that allows The Doctor and his companion to traipse through time and space. So it would seem that next week Einstein-Rosen Bridge enthusiasts will finally have a viable fix!

Doctor Who fans marry in sci-fi cerimony

IT was the perfect wedding day – the bride was blooming, the groom was beaming and nobody was exterminated.
Science fiction fans Dr Matthew Peacock and his new wife Linda tied the knot with help from a Time Lord and his nemesis during their nuptials yesterday.
And Linda roped in some extra-terrestrial wedding day witnesses for their official photo-shoot – a Dalek and the other doctor in her life, a David Tennant look-a-like.
They married at Durham Castle, then travelled in a more earthly marital car to the city’s Prince Bishops Shopping Centre as guests of honour at a Doctor Who fun day.
Matthew, a lecturer in Roman history at Durham University, and Linda share a love of the Time Lord and decided to seal their marriage with a mutant robot as well as ringing bells.
“I’m a big fan of the Doctor and we couldn’t miss the chance to have them as guests at our wedding,” said Matthew, 35.
“I used to run a student Dr Who Society at Oxford University and have loved the television programmes ever since. We just wanted to have something a bit more unusual to look back on in our wedding album – and this is definitely it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tennant Delights: Casanova

The 'Tennant Delights' series will consist almost entirely of reviews of his television and film work, as well as audiobooks, documentaries and anything that takes my fancy - Tennant related!

Casanova is a 2005 British television comedy drama serial, written by television scriptwriter Russell T Davies and directed by Sheree Folkson.
Telling the story of the life of 18th century Italian adventurer Giacomo Casanova, based on his own twelve-volume memoirs, the one-hour episodes star Peter O'Toole as the older Casanova looking back on his life, and David Tennant as the younger version. The story is wittily presented as we get to know most of Casanova's mistresses and love affairs, whilst dealing with what's really important for him: Henriette, bride-to-be to another man, Grimani. Eventually, Giac (pronounced 'Jack') gets his reward, his lover, but all his aventures catch up with him and his heart is broken forever... Can this man survive such a heartbreak goodbye to the woman he loves?

Ah, Casanova. I've wanting to write a post about it for ever. It is so witty, so amazingly and deliciously funny - of course it was penned by RTD, who else to write all those wacky scenes? There's a bit of everything in there: drama, romance, comedy, you name it. I understand Casanova doesn't have a clean reputation: he had numerous love affairs, cheated on his mistresses and did stuff most of us wouldn't approve of, but the story presented makes you feel sorry for this wonderful man: despite having all the sex and women we could ever imagine, he doesn't have the woman he loves, and that's devastating for both the viewer and the actual character.

As usual, I have got to praise David's performance in this: he made me laugh, he made me cry and he even left me speechless at times. His versatility is remarkable, and I think that was key to the success that Casanova had: one time he was sad, then he was thrilled and jumping around, then he was devastated and then he was, how to put it... having 'fun', so to speak. Some actors could be caught up with all this tangled web of emotions, but David wasn't and that's why Casanova is so incredibly amazing. Peter O'Toole was fantastic as well as the older version of the heartthrob, delivering, not unlike Tennant, that bittersweet mix of angst and excitement about his life.
It is, obviously, a must-see and, dare I say it, David looks good in it!, even with slightly blonde hair and blue contacts.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

DW Christmas Special: More Details Revealed!

The latest edition of the Doctor Who Magazine has revealed several more cast members for the forthcoming Christmas Special of Doctor Who. Joining the previously announced Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins in the festive special will be Micah Balfour, Pooky Quesnel, Leo Bill and Laurence Belcher. Child actor Belcher has had small roles in Little Dorrit and the BBC Four biopics Gracie and Hughie Green, Most Sincerely. Leo Bill most recently appeared in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as Hamish and his other roles include Ashes to Ashes, Silent Witness, Kinky Boots and Me and Orson Wells.

Actress Pooky Quesnel will be familiar to EastEnders viewers for her role of Rachel, the mother of Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements). Her various other roles include True Dare Kiss, Midsomer Murders, Criminal Justice, Five Days and Paradox. Finally actor Micah Balfour is best known for his role as PC Gayle on The Bill which will finish on ITV1 after 27 years at the end of the month.

Filming on the Christmas Special has now concluded and filming on the new season has commenced. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will be on tomorrow's edition of The One Show - Chris Evan's debut edition - to discuss the Christmas Special and their roles in Doctor Who.

Daleks voted number 1 aliens!!

The Daleks have exterminated all challengers to be voted the greatest monsters in the galaxy.
Doctor Who's enemies for nearly 50 years topped the poll of sci-fi fans by SFX magazine.
Second place went to the green-faced and horned character Lorne from Buffy TV spin-off Angel.

Karen meets... Mini Pond!

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan's not sure what to think as she meets a miniature version of herself.
The actress, who played Amy Pond in the last series, has been pictured with her character's doll for the first time.
She's been a huge success as Matt Smith's assistant on the show. Karen will officially unveil her doll at a toy store in Glasgow on 28 August.
She'll also meet fans and sign autographs at the event. "I can't wait to meet everyone," she said.
Filming's already started on the Christmas special, which also stars Michael Gambon who's Dumbledore in Harry Potter.

Doctor Who will rescue Chris Evans’ first One Show from disaster

Chris Evans’ first One Show appearance looked doomed yesterday when it appeared TV bosses hadn’t booked any celebs. So Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan agreed to come to the rescue.

Producers will be relieved the Matt and Amy Pond actress Karen were available at the last minute.

A showbiz agent told The Sun: “They've known for months that Chris Evans will be hosting the show this Friday.

"So we were quite surprised they were asking so late in the day if we had anyone who could appear on the show."

"Getting people at short notice in summer is tricky, so it was pretty odd for them to be getting their begging bowl out like that."

Radio 2 breakfast DJ will be presenting The One Show on Fridays with Alex Jones as his sidekick.

A One Show insider, who described the situation as "tense", said: "It was getting hairy. We were running out of time. Chris's first show was looking like being a disaster."

BBC chiefs are reported to be paying Chris £12,000 a show.

'Rex is Not Your Lawyer' and David's American Accent

Ok, I just felt the urge to write this because, as you all know, I am a sucker for all things David Tennant. If you've been following the latest DT news (or this blog), you might be familiarised with this programme/David's character in it. I've said several times, many on this blog, that I would have loved 'Rex' to be picked up, but the NBC, like my good friend Jenny from FanaticalWho ( said, NBC really does need a wake up call. The show sounded really, really promising and, to be honest, I was devastated when I realised it wasn't going to be picked up.

But that's a whole different story. My point is, ever since this clip was posted on YouTube, there has been a lot of negative feedback because of David's American accent. Honestly, I think his accent sounds amazing for somebody who is Scottish. Sure, he may need to practice more, work on the way he pronounces certain words, but I think some of the comments I've seen up on YouTube are just not fair. I know we're all DT fans and that we think (no, we know!) David is perfect and spotless and we always want the best out of him. There's nothing wrong with it and I think we should expect his best, but I think he is giving it his best shot - 'Rex' was sudden and David didn't have much time to work on his accent. For that reason and with so little time to get it right, I think our lad did it brilliantly.

So David, if you're reading this, you did a great job. Nevermind bad comments or bad reviews. Your acting was excellent, stellar, magnificent. You sounded believable and still like the David we know and love, and we're always going to be there for you. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Letters to the Master' - Fanfiction!

Despite not being my first attempt at writing fan fiction, it is the first time I write it in the form of letters. I am currently editing my first 'story', and maybe I will be able to upload it someday... when I'm happy with it.

Anyway, these letters are not going to be easy to read. They are going to be filled with angst and suffering, and that's just the way I want them to be. I've been through a lot these last few years and I wanted to turn one of those experiences into something good... to get some closure, I guess. Some of the situations described have actually happened to me, but I won't be saying which for privacy purposes.


I love the Master, I absolutely love the character of the Master, but I love dark fics about how mean he used to be before he and the Doctor reunited, and this is my go at it. I chose not to sign the letters at first because I want to create an element of surprise, but I am not sure if I will be able to...

'Sherlock' was never offered 'Who'

Benedict Cumberbatch has denied that he was offered the lead role in Doctor Who ahead of current star Matt Smith.

It was previously reported that the actor had turned down the chance to replace David Tennant.
However, the Sherlock star told The Sunday Times that he had never been in the frame to take over the part.

"I'd turn it down anyway," he insisted. "Jumping onto school stages and saying, 'I am the Doctor', it's not where I want to go."

It was recently confirmed that Sherlock would be returning for a second series.
Meanwhile, Matt Smith will reprise his Time Lord role in the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.

Dave Franco to star in 'Fright Night' remake

Dave Franco tells the Playlist he has joined Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Imogen Poots, David Tennant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Toni Collette for the remake of Fright Night.
Shooting has begun in New Mexico with Craig Gillespie at the helm.
"I play the arrogant asshole-bully," he says. "Anton plays the main kid so I'm his nemesis at school until he runs into Colin who is supposed to be the ultimate bad guy in the movie. Yeah I play the d–k, so it’s fun."
Hmm, I wonder if he gets the bite put on him?
Franco had a run on Scrubs and now appears in Charlie St. Cloud.

Monday, August 16, 2010

'Doctor Who: The Specials' Soundtrack

Disc One

1. Vale

The Next Doctor
2. A Victorian Christmas
3. Not the Doctor
4. A Bit of a Drag
5. In the Sea of Memory
6. Hidden in the Closet
7. The Wonder of Balloons
8. A Forceful Intelligence
9. The Greats of Past Time
10. The March of the Cybermen
11. Goodbyes

Planet of the Dead
12. A Disturbance in the Night
13. The Cat Burglar
14. Alone in the Desert
15. A Special Sort of Bus
16. Stirring in the Sands
17. Lithuania

The Waters of Mars
18. Letter to Earth
19. By Water Borne ...
20. The Fate of Little Adelaide
21. Altering Lives

Disc Two

The End of Time
1. We Shall Fare Well
2. A Frosty Ood
3. A Dream of Catastrophe
4. All in the Balance
5. A Ruined Gaol
6. Wilf’s Wiggle
7. Minnie Hooper
8. The End Draws Near
9. Gallifrey
10. Final Days
11. The Council of the Time Lords
12. The Master Suite
13. The Ruined Childhood
14. A Chaotic Escape
15. The World Waits
16. A Longing to Leave
17. A Lot of Life Behind Us
18. Dealing with the Menace
19. Speeding to Earth
20. The Time Lords’ Last Stand
21. The Clouds Pass
22. Four Knocks
23. Song for Ten (Reprise)
24. Vale Decem
25. Vale
26. The New Doctor

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer Pilot Clip

Single Father update [from Marie Claire]

Panini awarded world record for Doctor Who title

Panini UK has recorded an ABC of 35,375 for the latest period for its Doctor Who Magazine.

The news follows hot on the heels of its award from the Guinness World Records for the longest running TV tie in title. The magazine is currently celebrating 31 years of continuous publication.

"Over the last six years, since Doctor Who returned to television, Doctor Who Magazine's sales have risen significantly year on year," said editor Tom Spilsbury. "I'm delighted that we've gained so many new readers who have liked what they've found in our pages.
"I am sure that Doctor Who Magazine will continue to be published for many more years to come."

With the series returning in spring 2011, plans are being made to give the magazine a refresh.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Meglos nearly returned!

A villain from the original series of Doctor Who was nearly revived for the most recent series of the BBC Sci Fi starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Writer Gareth Roberts, speaking to the Doctor Who Magazine, revealed that while writing the episode The Lodger the first draft of the script included an original series monster - Meglos! The Cactus villain appeared in the 1980 Tom Baker story Meglos with Baker playing the dual role of the Time Lord and the villainous shape-shifting villain - the story isn't exactly highly regarded though.

"I'd been joking about 'Meglos 2' for years but when I sat down to write the first draft of 'The Lodger' it suddenly seemed right." The writer also revealed that: "Meglos survived in my script for quite a long while—but then we saw the Vinvocci in 'The End of Time,' and as the rest of the story was more comedic, we decided the 'villain' had to be as scary as possible." - Gareth Roberts talking to the Doctor Who Magazine

In the end though Meglos was cut from the story but the series did bring back the Silurians from the original series and the two-part finale saw the return of the Daleks, Sontarans, Autons and Cybermen (along with countless other species in cameo appearances). As the next season of Doctor Who gears who production speculation will doubtless begin as to whom the producers may bring back - the Ice Warriors and Yeti's are current fan favourites tipped for a revival.

Jamie Bell is going on Retreat - Commented News Item

Jamie Bell has locked in his next film, signing on to star alongside Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton in Retreat.
Writer Carl Tibbets is hoisting the megaphone as a first-time director for the movie, which sees a couple (Murphy and Newton) trying to solve their marriage woes by heading to a remote island.
Trouble washes up in the form of a soldier (Bell), who arrives on the beach wearing a biohazard suit and carrying a dire warning about an airborne virus that has wiped out most of Europe and, possibly, the world. The twist, however, is they only have his word on the matter and it’s the start of a weird psychological drama between the three.
While shooting starts next month in Wales, we wonder just what this mean for David Tennant. He was mentioned as attached in earlier reports about the film (and is still listed on the IMDB page, which, sadly, means nothing), but there’s now no mention of him. Fingers crossed he might actually play a part, because he’s had a hell of a time with projects being cancelled or schedules making him miss the chance to appear in movies like Burke and Hare.

Honestly, I don't know what to make of this. David is listed on IMDB, he's been attached to this role for a long, long time but nobody actually has something to say whether this is just another rumour or is true. It's actually quite annoying, since we fans were incredibly excited about 'Burke and Hare'... I won't whine about it, tho. What's the point, eh?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doctor Who Christmas Special: First clues as to what to expect!

The BBC has hinted at what viewers about what to expect from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.

Written by Stephen Moffat, the special will be based on Charles Dicken’s classic tale, A Christmas Carol.

Ben Stephenson, Controller of BBC’s drama commissioning unit said, “Matt Smith and Karen Gillan captivated audiences in their debut series…

“And Doctor Who’s clever twist on the much loved A Christmas Carol will thrill BBC One viewers this year…

“With special guest stars Sir Michael Gambon and singing sensation Katherine Jenkins joining Amy and the Doctor, [it will be] an unforgettable present!”

And Moffatt stated that the special episode will include “a honeymoon” and will be akin to “all your favourite Christmas movies at once”.

While on-set filming for the show, Katherine Jenkins said, “I’m over the moon to be involved in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

“I can’t quite believe it as it’s a part of the family tradition at the Jenkins household.

“I heard the news that I got the role on my 30th birthday and it was the best birthday present ever!”

Filming is expected to end in August and it’s has been suggested that the episode may be called, “Father Who.”

Katherine Jenkins finishes filming on Doctor Who Christmas special/Michael Gambon wasn't a Who fan

Katherine Jenkins has revealed that she has finished filming her scenes for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.

The award winning opera singer will star in the installment alongside Harry Potter star alongside Michael Gambon. According to Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning, the episode is a “clever twist on the much loved A Christmas Carol”.

Talking about the experience today, Katherine tweeted:

BTW, I’ve finished filming all my scenes for Dr Who now… Feel really sad as I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would! Lovely people!

As Doctor Who is filmed in Cardiff, Wales and Katherine’s mum lives just forty miles away in Neath, the star took the opportunity to pop home for a quick visit too.

She wrote on Twitter:

Yes Dr Who is filmed in Wales, in and around the Cardiff/Newport area in this case. Managed to see a bit of my mum too – bonus!

Steven Moffat: Michael Gambon wasn’t a Doctor Who fan!

Steven Moffat has admitted that Michael Gambon wasn’t a huge Doctor Who fan, prior to accepting a role on this year’s Christmas Special.

The 69 year old Harry Potter star will appear on the hit BBC show alongside Katherine Jenkins this December and on how he is fitting in on set, Moffat told Premium Hollywood that it was “exciting” to have him around.
“He’s brilliant,” said Moffat. “Of course he’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. What a voice.”

“I didn’t get the impression that he was a fan of Doctor Who, except insofar as everyone in Britain is at the moment,” he explained. “[But] if it’s a good script [and] they’re being offered prime-time on Christmas day… there’s a real chance you can get anyone for that.”

The Christmas special was previously reported to be “a clever twist” on the Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol.’

Doctor Who's Matt Smith auditioned for Sherlock Holmes role

The actor, 27, was after the role of the detective's sidekick Doctor Watson - a part which eventually went to The Office's Martin Freeman.

Steven Moffat, who produced both Sherlock and Doctor Who, told The Sun that kooky Smith was more suited to the lead role of Holmes.

He said: "We'd already cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and the very first person we saw for Dr Watson was Matt, who came in and gave a very good audition."

"But he didn't have a chance in hell of getting it because he was clearly more of a Sherlock Holmes than a Dr Watson."

"There was also something a bit barmy about him - and you don't actually want that for Dr Watson. You want somebody a bit straighter."

"But he gave a very good account of himself and you could feel the effort in him clamping down on his barminess in order to do the audition."

Soon after Smith was cast as the 11th Time Lord in Doctor Who, replacing David Tennant in the iconic show.

Cumberbatch also revealed recently that he was offered the role as Doctor Who before Smith - but turned it down.

The 34-year-old actor said he was being considered to replace Tennant and said: ‘David and I talked about it but I thought it would have to be radically different.'

‘And anyway, I didn’t really like the whole package – being on school lunch boxes.'

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Stone angel flies in to add bite to Doctor Who show

A WORLD War II Dalek and a stone angel are some of the scary additions to Cardiff’s Doctor Who exhibition.

After filming on Matt Smith’s first series as the Doctor came to an end, a number of props from the Victory of the Daleks and The Time of the Angels episodes have been included in the exhibition to send fans hiding behind their hands in fear.

Filming on the Christmas special, which guest-stars singer Katherine Jenkins and acting legend Michael Gambon, finished yesterday. Filming for the new series gets under way next month.

The Christmas special is rumoured to be a “clever twist” on the Christmas Carol and will feature the honeymoon of lead characters Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, and Rory (Arthur Darvill).

Lead writer and producer Steven Moffat said: “I’ve honestly never been so excited about writing anything. I was laughing madly as I typed along to Christmas songs in April.

“My neighbours loved it so much they all moved away and set up a website demanding my execution. But I’m fairly sure they did it ironically.”

The additions to the Red Dragon Centre exhibition also include two costumes belonging to Amy and another for the Winston Churchill character, who was played by Ian McNeice in the Victory of the Daleks episode.

Martin Wilkie, from Experience Design, which runs the exhibition, said: “Since opening at The Red Dragon Centre in December 2005, we’ve had mass interest from fans from across the UK, America and Australia who want to visit Cardiff Bay and see the locations where the series was filmed.

“The exhibition continues to attract thousands of fans each year and we’re sure the new props will see fans flocking to the centre in coming weeks.”

Emma Johnstone, tenant liaison and marketing manager at the centre, said: “The Doctor Who Exhibition has been an enormous tourist attraction for the centre over the past four years.

“We’re delighted to be able to welcome fans back to view the latest products and enjoy all the centre has to offer.”

The Doctor Who Up Close Exhibition Cardiff is open every day from 10am to 6.30pm.

Win Doctor Who Live family tickets!

EXTERMINATE! Exterminate! The Daleks are about to invade Sheffield - and they are bringing a host of other scary monsters with them from TV's Doctor Who.
But fear not. The TARDIS is also about to materialise on the stage for a live show at Sheffield Arena.
And we have five family tickets to give away - each allowing four people to see the magic.
TV hit Doctor Who will regenerate into a live action musical spectacular for a 25 dates on a tour of nine cities.

It arrives at Sheffield Arena on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 12 and 13.

The Doctor's arch-enemies joining him will be the Daleks, the Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Judoon, Silurian, Smilers, Winders, Scarecrows, Vampires, Clockwork Robots and Ood.

Based on the smash hit BBC TV series, bosses promise a spectacular audio-visual experience with live music, special effects and specially filmed new scenes, featuring new Doctor actor Matt Smith.

Matt and co-star Karen Gillan will not appear live on the stage but they are filming new scenes which will be seen for the first time during the shows, being developed by TV show supremo Steven Moffatt.
Moffatt, who runs the series and is executive producer, told The Star he wanted the live events to have the same excitement as the TV version.
"This is everything I ever wanted since I was eleven. A live show, with all the coolest Doctor Who monsters, a proper story, and brand new screen material for Matt Smith's Doctor," he said.

Doctor Who Live will open in wartime London and finishes with what is billed as "an epic onstage battle".
The action will be set to a live soundtrack by TV show composer Murray Gold, with a 16 piece orchestra live on stage.
The stage show will be the latest in a string of TV hits to get the live treatment, including Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing On Ice, X-Factor and even Top Gear.

It is launched at Wembley Arena, on October 8, 9 and 10. Sheffield is the first regional city to get the show.

Other venues are Glasgow SECC, Oct 14, 15,16 and 17; Birmingham NIA, Oct 18, 19 and 20; Manchester's MEN Arena, Oct 22, 23 and 24; Nottingham Trent FM Arena, Oct 25 and 26; Cardiff International Arena, Oct 28, 29, 30 and 31; Liverpool Echo Arena, Nov 2 and 3; then Belfast Odyssey Arena, November 6 and 7.

For further information and updates visit or the link above.