Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Letters to the Master' - Fanfiction!

Despite not being my first attempt at writing fan fiction, it is the first time I write it in the form of letters. I am currently editing my first 'story', and maybe I will be able to upload it someday... when I'm happy with it.

Anyway, these letters are not going to be easy to read. They are going to be filled with angst and suffering, and that's just the way I want them to be. I've been through a lot these last few years and I wanted to turn one of those experiences into something good... to get some closure, I guess. Some of the situations described have actually happened to me, but I won't be saying which for privacy purposes.


I love the Master, I absolutely love the character of the Master, but I love dark fics about how mean he used to be before he and the Doctor reunited, and this is my go at it. I chose not to sign the letters at first because I want to create an element of surprise, but I am not sure if I will be able to...

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