Friday, August 13, 2010

Jamie Bell is going on Retreat - Commented News Item

Jamie Bell has locked in his next film, signing on to star alongside Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton in Retreat.
Writer Carl Tibbets is hoisting the megaphone as a first-time director for the movie, which sees a couple (Murphy and Newton) trying to solve their marriage woes by heading to a remote island.
Trouble washes up in the form of a soldier (Bell), who arrives on the beach wearing a biohazard suit and carrying a dire warning about an airborne virus that has wiped out most of Europe and, possibly, the world. The twist, however, is they only have his word on the matter and it’s the start of a weird psychological drama between the three.
While shooting starts next month in Wales, we wonder just what this mean for David Tennant. He was mentioned as attached in earlier reports about the film (and is still listed on the IMDB page, which, sadly, means nothing), but there’s now no mention of him. Fingers crossed he might actually play a part, because he’s had a hell of a time with projects being cancelled or schedules making him miss the chance to appear in movies like Burke and Hare.

Honestly, I don't know what to make of this. David is listed on IMDB, he's been attached to this role for a long, long time but nobody actually has something to say whether this is just another rumour or is true. It's actually quite annoying, since we fans were incredibly excited about 'Burke and Hare'... I won't whine about it, tho. What's the point, eh?

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develish1 said...

I'm still not sure about this either. There's so many rumours flying around right now it's hard to take anything seriously.

After all, the "filming starts" date has already been delayed at least twice on Retreat, and the current supposed start date clashes with another film that Cillian Murphy is supposed to be in, so unless he's in two places at once that isn't happening.