Monday, August 02, 2010

Report: Doctor Who at GameCityNights

Creators behind Doctor Who: The Adventure Games dissected the project at Nottingham’s latest gaming session.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who or video games (or perhaps even both) then the last GameCityNights would have been for you. Unfortunately it’s over, confined to the memories to those who attended. Memories that are, admittedly, a bit fuzzy due to all the Doctor Who cocktails on offer. It’s a good job we’re here to offer you a recap of the event.

Things kicked off with a charming panel consisting of BBC Interactive executive producer Anwen Aspden, writer James Moran and designer of Broken Sword Charles Cecil. The trio discussed The Adventure Games, how they came about, the writing and Cybermen, shepherded by Simon Byron of One Life Left. There were some insights into the processes and procedures that take place around designing games and writing for them. The Adventure Games were developed by UK-based Sumo Digital, their pitch reel was shown. The panel was a bit withdrawn when it came to more specific details, but that was always to be expected.

Then there were the supplementary events. Retro Remakes and Nerf Games were on hand to show off their creations. So we had remakes of Ultimate Bruce Lee and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back as well as AVOID, a slick looking multiplayer game in which you guide a square around. That probably doesn’t do it justice so be sure to check out the companies web pages.

Just when we thought the fun was over we had a team game of consequences. Each person would write a sentence of a story and pass it onto a teammate who had no clue what they had written. This led to a strange variety of lucid and some surprisingly coherent stories that revealed a bit too much of what was going on in some people’s heads. One team had the Doctor hang-gliding off into the sunset, whilst another treated us to a sentence in German. It’s probable that some people may have had a few too many Sonic Screwdrivers at this point.

All in all, a fun night with some pleasant company. If you didn’t make it then don’t despair, more Nights are on the way. Number seven is later this month. Check for details. If you can’t make that, or are a little too lazy, then there’s always the festival in October.

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