Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Day Two! Doctor Who Adventure Calendar

Day Two and we're here to help with the Christmas cards!
This year we're offering a choice of three designs. The first shows the Doctor from The End of Time, Part One and the second is a cosy Christmas image of a festive-looking TARDIS.
We went retro for the third card which shows Cybermen in the snow from 1966. Nothing quite says Christmas like Cybermen in the snow, does it? The image is actually from The Tenth Planet, the first ever story where we saw the Doctor regenerate.
To make your cards simply download your choice by clicking on your selection to the right of this feature. Then print it out, preferably from a colour printer, onto an A4 piece of paper. Fold across the middle so you're left with the picture and the logo facing you, then fold again. Finally, simply send to your friends or keep for yourself!
Merry Christmas!
Here are the images:

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