Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer' Thoughts/UK or USA?

Yes, yes, it is official. David is in LA filming 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer', in which he plays a lawyer who has panic attacks (I find his character extremely interesting, to be honest: I know what panic attacks are and I can't wait to see how David incarnates the character). Thing is, he's in LA... which means that he's on the US. Is it bad or is it good?

Let's face the facts: The fact that he has a new job is fantastic. He is out and about and I'm glad US viewers have the opportunity to see him as regularly as people in the UK do (well, sort of. I was thinking of Masterpiece Contemporary). Obviously, you can't compare: whilst he is in virtually every single magazine on the UK, he manages to pop up in some American ones as well. BBC America airs Doctor Who, which is a plus, given the fact that, if I'm not mistaken, US viewers didn't get Season 1 at the same time UK viewers did. I know New Zealand, Australia and Canada, did. China and Japan aired a few as well.

Right, so David is on his way to the top. But what exactly is that top? What's the goal? Hollywood? I don't think so: knowing David as I do (as every Tennant fan does, that is), I don't think he is aiming for that. Money? Nah, David is down-to-earth and he wouldn't take a job just because of the money. Celebrity status? Not really. He said, as he was filming LA Without a Map, that he wasn't looking for stardom and that he felt people in LA weren't exactly humble. And by God, he was absolutely right. But now that he is there... Is that the end of one of the most extraordinary, if not the most extraordinary Britain has ever had? Is he still going to be UK based? Is he moving to America? I'm not saying it doesn't 'scare' me a bit, 'cause it does. But thinking about it, UK is not losing David. Nobody is losing David. His talent should be shared and must be shared!, for he's an amazing actor and human being. Am I thrilled about the idea of him moving to the States? No. Do I mind? It's not my business. I'll love him no matter what.

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