Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day Nine! Doctor Who Adventure Calendar

1: Which Christmas Special ends with the line, 'Her name was Rose.'?
a) The Christmas Invasion
b) Voyage of the Damned
c) The Runaway Bride

2: In Voyage of the Damned, what is Midshipman Frame's first name?
a) Jamie
b) Lana
c) Alonso

3: Which of David Tennant's co-stars was born on Christmas Day?
a) Camille Coduri
b) Georgia Moffett
c) Penelope Wilton

4: In The Next Doctor, Jackson's 'TARDIS' is actually a...
a) Penny farthing
b) Hot air balloon
c) Small donkey called Count Zippy

5: Red Christmas was an early title for the adventure which became...
a) The Waters of Mars
b) Boom Town
c) The Green Death

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