Monday, December 14, 2009

'The End of Time' - Thoughts

God, it's getting so close. Dangerously close. As we dwell across time and space watching (or rewatching, in my case) episodes we missed or didn't bother to watch, time runs out. Four times knocks give me the chills and if somebody mentions the Ood I go crazy. I love the Ood... and, obviously, I'm super excited that they are back. I have to say... I had no idea they were returning. I wanted them too, but I think that, as many DW fans, we all thought it would have something to do with Daleks. Well... wrong. We've all seen the premiere of the trailer, didn't we? At Comic-Con - how I envy the chaps who were there! The Master is BAAAAACK! Oh, that is so exciting. (sorry, I'm ranting a bit) I kept thinking... 'who on Earth took the ring?' I would say... Lucy Saxon. But that's too obvious. Because of the red nail polish. That's, well... obvious! And RTD obvious doesn't exist.

The Doctor is angry, he wants revenge. Is that all this is about? 'Cause that's not my Doctor. What happened to our lovely Doctor? He's so angry now. No wonder, though. He lost everybody he cared about. And that's terrible. He must feel miserable and... well, poorly, really. I don't even know what to say... I'm just ranting a bit. It feels good... from a DW perspective. I'm having a rough day so far and talking about DW soothes my mind. Well... kind of.

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