Friday, December 25, 2009

I Don't Know Where To Go From Here... (The End of Time final thoughts - prebroadcast)

With less than half an hour to go to 'The End of Time Part 1', this is my final chance to actually say what is going on my mind. I'm petrified, I'm scared. The Timelord Victorious haunts my dreams and I don't want the Doctor to suffer. Although the Master is back, I truly, truly hope that the Doctor doesn't succumb to his darker side. Is it the end? Yes, yes, we all know that. But what are we supposed to do? I guess I'm being silly, even utopic, but David Tennant IS the perfect Doctor. Even better than Tom Baker (in my opinion, that is). He brought so much joy to the show... He made me laugh and cry so hard during episodes, made me wonder whether I can do something to change the world, and most importantly... he made me dream. More than any other incarnation of the Doctor, Ten made me realise that I'm special in a way. That I'm unique. That you're unique. And that fear is crucial to help you go through several stages of your life. I really am scared. And I don't know what to do. I keep staring at my little TARDIS and my DW figures, thinking that this era is coming to an end. I look at my DW poster with David on the front and think it's wrong. I look at my DVDs and think that soon they will be history, joining the Classic Series in its appropriate shelf. The thought of even saying 'Tenth Doctor' instead of being able to say 'Actual Doctor', or just 'The Doctor' is something I'm not remotely prepared for. I can't imagine what it will be like, having a different Doctor. This is my 'first' regeneration: I saw all the others, but I knew it was going to happen. This... I... I guess I was being silly again. 'DT leaving? Don't be ridiculous!', I used to think, whenever that popped into my mind. But it's the truth: Timelords must regenerate, and the show must go on. I know Matt will do a great job, but it's the wait that is going to kill me. How will he be? How is the first episode gonna do? 'Rose' did quite well; 'New Earth' was great. And now what? The only thing I'm sure of is that Moffat will do one hell of a job. He always does. But I'm scared. So, so scared, that my fingers are turning numb as I write this. That my feet start to get cold and I just want to curl up in my chair and cry, listening to the Doctor Who Soundtracks, sobbing to those poignant songs. I'm glad Murray is there... at least, great and genuine music is guaranteed. Now, the point stands... Will I watch DW after this? Most definitely. I will, it's my favourite show in the whole wide World. But will I relish every episode as much? We'll see... Matt has his work covered for him... poor lad, I bet he's nervous as well.

Alas, poor Matt.

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