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Checkm8 Productions: Interview HERE!! :D

Alright, alright, don't blame me. Our very own dark Doctor, Nicholas Gott, has just sent me the answers to my (and hopefully yours!) questions.
Without further ado, I'll leave you in Nick's hand, knowing that you're in a good place. :)

1. When/Where was your first contact with Doctor Who?
A: 2005, the new series, Rose. I had been ill before that easter holiday, and remember seeing an item on BBC news during the day about all the designs. It fascinated me very much, all these aliens they were making for the End of the World. I'd always known about the Daleks too, just images, not their names. They were used in Dead Ringers a lot, so I knew their origins once I saw them in the trailer for the new series. I watched it on the 26th of March, and whilst I surprisingly didn't fall instantly in love, I watched... it was the regeneration at the end that really captured my imagination.

2. Who is the first Doctor you remember seeing on television?
Technically, it was probably Tom Baker, since he did Little Britain, but I remember before Doctor Who the 2005 series, classic stories being shown on UK TV Gold... although I remember seeing an old black and white one, maybe "The Daemons" which isn't entirely in colour, I think I vaguely remember Jon Pertwee laying down or something.

3. Who's 'your Doctor'? Who do you consider to be the best Doctor so far?
David Tennant of course :D the man's been there for me all through my teenaged years, saying goodbye to him was like a right's of passage for me haha.
4. When did you decide to start your own series? What and who was the driving force behind it?
Well Dan, Rick and I are all school friends, we always watched Doctor Who and spoke about it. I always thought of making my own series, to replicate the marvellous acting of these two great leading actors who had so inspired me. Then one day on MSN, talking to Dan, I don't remember how, we just said "Let's make a fan series!"

5. How do you come up with such creative customes and props?
Thanks for the compliment. The approach to our series is to be as authentic and as original as possible, even without a killer budget to spend on it. I wanted to make new monsters that you could recognise as our own. I didn't want to use masks from a party shop, because they already have a character behind them. It would be like using a "Predator" mask for the Mantors, you already have an association with it. Plus it helped give our series its own unique feel, almost that if you see the props, you know it's us... I hope.

6. How has Doctor Who affected you throughout the years?
It's literally, as corny as this sounds, inspired everything I do, not just drama or art. When going into a science exam (although I wasn't gifted there) I often went in as the Doctor, thinking like he did. Because if the Doctor, my absolute hero, loved science and knew it all, then I could too! It must have worked somehow, it got me a B for science GCSE and an A for maths... so go on kiddies, the Doctor is your guide at school!

7. How do you like your series so far? Is it what you had planned at first?
We planned and had written 8 episodes. Time constraints had forbidden us from getting the latter 4 done, which is a shame, but our up and coming finale "The Dead Place" is a treat, and was always a favourite of mine. That's because it's our most unique and original in terms of design, characters, monsters to an extent, and story. It was sort of a finale anyway, being halfway, you're not missing anything, you'll still find out everythign about my Doctor and his background. The ending is much sadder than perhaps our original finale anway. I'd call this finale "Unforgiveable", you may understand once you've seen it why...

8. What do you expect from Series 5 of 'Doctor Who'?
The best. I love the look of Matt Smith already, and the style of monsters too. I'd say Moffatt is a more abstract writer than old RTD. He's very "Burtonesque" and expressive, Tim Burtons being one of the inspirations behind "The Dead Place". I love the look of the "Smilers", so macabre. And Matt Smith will be the best, he has this approach to drama I envy and nowadays apply to myself. The man has done his homework, he's looked at the series, without any predetermined knowledge, and gone out there with a fresh outlook to the series, aspecially in a recent itnerview about his audition, I think his opinion of the character differs from Tennant's vastly. He has intricate knowledge of his character, which shows he will be different, but absolutely stunning!

9. Any final considerations you'd like to add?
Thank you Fran for being such a supportive fan to our series. You and our subscribers were the vital ingredient to our fanfilm. Never mind the acting, the props, the stories. You were all the vital components in the circuit. Without you, our hard work would have been for nothing. Think of all the bright stars in the sky you see at night, you can see them because you know they're there. But there are stars out there that we can't see, because we don't know they're there. When we know of something, we look deeply for them. You knowing about our series and staying with us, even during our little absence is what keeps it alive. So please keep watching us, we love to know you're enjoying it :)

The last episode of 'Doctor Who After Death' is going to be released soon. In the meantime, check their previous episodes:

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