Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who!News: Greatest Screen Doctor

Online market research site OnePoll have recently ran a poll on who is the best doctor on the screen, and The Doctor came out on top. The Time Lord beat off opposition from other well known doctors such as Doctor Watson, Doctor Dolittle, and Dr Emmett Brown (Back to the Future).

The Top Ten Screen Doctors:
1. The Doctor - Doctor Who - It was about TIME! :D
2. Doc Brown - Back to the Future
3. Doctor Kennedy - Neighbours
4. Doctor Evil - Austin Powers
5. Spock - Star Trek - Spock. Spock??
6. Ross Geller - Friends
7. Doctor Dolittle - Doctor Dolittle
8. Perry Cox - Scrubs - Ahah, good old Doctor Perry. :P
9. Douglas Ross - E.R.
10. Doctor Watson - Sherlock Holmes

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