Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beast Below - Thoughts

I loved The Beast Below. Those Smilers, oh God! It was a massive episode, it had action, moments of tenderness, funny remarks, everything! I am loving Matt way more than I ever thought I ever could. I keep watching David as the Doctor , 'cause for me he IS the Doctor. I know it sounds strange, but it's as if Matt was the Doctor previous to David . Strange, I know.
I love, love, love Karen Gillan. That girl is talented as hell! The both of 'em have some great chemistry on screen, and that is really, really great.
Right, so, next up is Victory of the Daleks. 8:25pm, I think - that late! Anyway, I am truly enjoying S5 so far.
I've also been very enthusiastic about Matt... and I'm not afraid to speak my mind, that lad is brilliant and is a fine Doctor! I hope Matt stays for at least one more year. That's up to him, of course, but yeah. I am also glad the press has mellowed towards Moffat... They wrote lousy things about S5 when David was still the Doctor. And some reporters, in order to review Matt, kind of diss David, in a way, and that's so wrong. And are always trying to compare them. For God's sake, they're so different.
Matt is such a clumsy Doctor, and so funny! Whenever he says 'Geronimo' I just shout at the telly and say the same thing!

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