Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Eleventh Hour - Thoughts

I was the one who wrote all of these... I wasn't sure if that was implicit. :P

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I am very, very impressed. As a Whovian, I'm used to regenerations, although this was my first 'proper' one, given that I was drawn to the show 2 and a half years ago. Anyway, I was very impressed with Matt's acting. I had already seen him in 'Shadow in the North' and 'Ruby in the Smoke' with Billie Piper, but I was not expecting him to be THAT good. Karen's acting was amazing as well, although I have to confess that the plot did have a few holes and was a bit thin... but I suppose it was all a mean to introduce the new Doctor. David Tennant is, without a doubt, my Doctor, but I'm not afraid to tell the world that I am going to love Eleven.

'The Eleventh Hour' was fantastic. Although the plot was a bit story thin, it worked out pretty well. I love Karen's character, Amy , although she does have a strange job! I can see why he is kissing the Doctor in the trailer.
Anyway, the start was hilarious. The Doctor is still recovering, he is still 'cooking', eh? He's still very much like Ten... and I can't complain! I was slightly disappointed that there was no 'bigger on the inside' remark, but Amy's goggly eyes pretty much said it all. And the new TARDIS is just amazing... Some might not agree, but I'm in love with it. Now, where is that library and that swimming pool?

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Fish fingers and custard?? Fantastic! ♥

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