Sunday, April 25, 2010

What do you make of River Song?

Now, now, don't crucify me over this, it had to be done. I've expressed my disliking the character several times, and even after yesterday's episode, she still gets on my nerves. I guess it's the way she acts, as if she is better than the Doctor, or knows more than him - well... which she does, in a way. But that is sort of annoying at times. I didn't really like her in FOTD/SITL and she did grow on me when I rewatched the episodes a while back, but now she's getting on my nerves... again. 'Hello, sweetie', 'Come on, sweetie', man, it drives me mad at times. But that is good!, the characters have an impact on viewers, so that's really good. I guess you can't love all characters, but River Song, even if annoying at times, is still a mystery to me. And now we know she can fly the TARDIS, knows which controls to use and knows old Gallifreyan. WHO IS SHE??? It's killing me!! Anyway, it was a great episode and I cannot wait to see FAS.  

Please post your thoughts on this. Anyone can post.

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Anonymous said...

River Song annoys the hell out of me. I don't like her character at all. I wish they would move her out of it. She's hogging the spotlight and not letting Matt Smith really become the Doctor.