Thursday, November 19, 2009

#1 Remembering Past Who Episodes - Last Of The Timelords S3

Because I love S3 and because Martha is growing on me, I've been rewatching S3. After weeks and weeks stuck with college works after college works, I've finally (!) had the time to watch the last but glorious episode of this season, 'Last of the Timelords'. And what a joy it was. I've always loved this episode... I think it is because we get to see the Master as he really is... the 'classic' Master, that evilness that doesn't go away. It's funny... and yet it is sardonic and so, so touching. The Doctor, with his kindness, never willing to kill anybody... had to see his 'brother' die in his arms. It certainly brings a whole new perspective when we're talking about WOM... that's one of the reasons he snapped, for sure. And being the last of his kind... it can't be easy. All those Gallifreyans, all those children when he was at the Academy... all dead. He's the only one left and he has to accept it. And still he is the most lovely person on the universe. That's tough. I'd hazard 'impossible', but that's not a word you can use when you're describing Doctor Who. It's emotionally challenging more than anything. It defies your imagination, it tricks you in ways you never thought were possible, and it certainly is the most fantastic sci-fi show ever produced.
Back to the episode... The whole plot is fantastic, but there are certain things I want to point out. First of all, let's look at the Master's personality. Now, that is sheer brilliance. He's so incredibly evil and, as the Doctor says, he is capable of killing anybody who happens to stand in his way expect for himself. This is a more egocentric version of the Doctor's nemesis, and I love it. Even more than the previous Master, although I loved Ainley and Delgado. Ainley is a tad closer to this new Master... I'm glad RTD revived the Master. He's an important a piece as are the Daleks or the Cybermen. Everybody remembers the Master. Tom Baker once said that every hero needs a dark side (funny though, looking at the way WOM was written), or a dark enemy. And he was spot on! That's right. The Master and the Doctor, the ying and the yang... couldn't be more different. John Simm was an excellent choice for the part... A very talented young man.
The way Martha travelled the world to spread the word about how marvelous the Doctor was really touched me. She travelled and crossed the seven seas and all continents just to ask the people for one thing: say a specific name at a given time. Couldn't be any more simple than that. All the plot revolves around the Archangel network, the Master's greatest weakness. It sent a low frequency signal that made people vote for the Master (then Harold Saxon) and believe in what he promised to the British. That made, people would, without even knowing why, vote for him and believe in every single thing he said. But with their minds on somebody else... the telepathic bond weakened and weakened, and ultimately justice was made. I love the way Martha starts to giggle when the Master thinks he has the entire Earth in his hands. That's an epic moment, in my opinion. And everything from then on is fantastic... I love the ending, I love the revelation that Jack *may* be the Face of Boe, but most importantly... The ring. The ring with the Gallifreyan symbol. Who took it? It certainly burns my mind. It could be Lucy, I think. Red nail polish and long fingers... looks like Lucy Saxon to me. Rumour has it that it could be Donna (the Doctor Donna), or even Jenny! Who knows? I can't wait to find out and I think we'll have our answers when 'The End of Time' hits our screens this upcoming Christmas.

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