Thursday, November 19, 2009

Waters of Mars Galore!

Yes, it has been televised. 'The Waters of Mars' hit the 9 million viewers mark last Sunday and, it has to be said, it has also marked our lives as Whovians forever. Every now and then, there comes a time in which the Doctor must regenerate. He changes his body, the way he speaks, the way he acts. Easier said than done, I can assure you. What happens when that Doctor turns out to be your favourite Doctor? Is it easier to let go, much harder to let go? The latter applies to most Whovians and I'm guilty of that as well.

On to my views on the episode...
I can't say it enough... RTD is a genius and everybody should acknowledge him as one. He is witty, inventive and comes up with the most amazing storylines ever. And WOM was no exception.

For the first 30 mins or so of the episode, I felt completely numb. I couldn't feel at all. My face was completely glued to the screen and I could hear myself thinking 'Doctor, what's wrong, I know something isn't right'. Well, turns out... I was dead right. (no, 'dead' wasn't a pun for the obvious coming regeneration)
But then my face changed. My whole expression changed. I started to curl up on my chair. The Doctor said something about being a winner... a 'Time Lord Victorious', as he put it. I was absolutely shocked. I had prepared myself for something regarding the imminent return of the Master or something... but certainly not that (see? I told you RTD was a genius). NOT that. It all started to build up from there. His posture, his speech, his attitude, his 'little people' remark. It shook me up. And then I realised... Every Doctor needs a reason to regenerate, whether it is getting shot or absorbing the Time Vortex. It just has to happen... It is inevitable and still, I wanted to change the course of the show so bad.
Now for the question everybody wants to be given an answer to... (I published this on Team Tennant.)

Has the Doctor gone insane?
It was so scary... the way he talked, the way he spoke of him as 'Time Lord Victorious'... That's not the Doctor. He sounded like the Master. It was really creepy. His face changed, his posture changed, even the way he talked sounded strange. Is Ten insane? I don't know. Maybe he's just realised that the universe is at his command. Maybe something has taken over him. But, to be honest with you, I think he is having an emotional breakdown. All those companions, having to leave Rose with 10.2, what happened with Donna, not being able to save Astrid... All that sadness built up and now he's getting to experience all those emotions he tried to hide. 'Cause that's what he does, he hides his emotions. He can't show love or hate. He has to be neutral. But deep down, he has two hearts, and we know that one heart can grieve and rejoice throughout our lives, let alone two hearts. It was as if he had a bottle with him... all the anger and sadness were constantly being shoved into it, and he placed a cork for it not to open. But as it builds up, there's no space left... the cork popped and the Doctor is terrified. He's exposed, he's 'naked', he's the Doctor and everybody knows what he did. And he knows that was he did was terrible... he infringed the Laws of Time. We say that it's the intention that counts, but I don't think we can apply that to Doctor Who. Not unless we are talking about our compassionate Doctor. He is facing his doom... and he wants to fight it. But what for?, he knows it is all going to end soon. He can feel it. The TARDIS knows it. Hence the Cloister Bell. I want him to come back... the lovely Doctor. He's Ten inside somewhere... but he's confused now. Bless him... it's all too much for a Time Lord.

I don't know whether I'm right or wrong... Maybe I'm just being sympathetic, or maybe I'm just trying to avoid the regeneration process. I could sit here speculating all day, but what's the point?

By the way, it has been revealing the the name of the upcoming episode is 'The End of Time Part One'. I bet you can't guess the name of the last one.

Now for a little treat... A good friend of mine, FanaticalWhovian (check her blog out, it is amazing and filled with DW goodness), made this video... a tribute to 'Gadget, Gadget', now a favourite creature of mine. I hope you enjoy it... I love it. Thank you, FW! :)


FanaticalWhovian said...

I think you're very right. Good post!

Thanks for the mention!

Fran said...

It's perfectly alright, my darling... YOu deserve it! x