Tuesday, February 16, 2010

David Tennant is the Bess Dressed Man of 2009

Hot on the heels of hellomagazine.com's hugely popular most attractive polls, readers have been voting in their thousands to crown their best dressed male celebrity.

And guess who won... WHO won! Our very own David Tennant. David is now, officially (he already was in our hearts) the best-dressed male of 2009. He scored more than 35% of votes. More than 10,000 votes were for him. Woohoo, go Tennant girls! :) - Sending some love to my mates at TeamTennant :)

Full list of results
1. David Tennant - 35.4 per cent
2. Daniel Craig - 23.3 per cent
3. Jude Law - 16.8 per cent
4. Robert Downey Jr - 15.3 per cent
5. Robert Pattinson - 6.2 per cent
6. Hugh Jackman - 1.3 per cent
7. Andres Velencoso - 0.8 per cent
8. David Beckham - 0.4 per cent
9. Barack Obama - 0.3 per cent
10. Brad Pitt - 0.2 per cent

Co'mon... can you beat that? It only goes to show that apart from being a magnificent actor, David also has a dress sense... and good taste, too!

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