Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Episode Titles Revealed! - http://www.sylvestermccoy.com/newdoctorwho/

*major spoilers. Beware!*

Season 5

501. The 11th Hour, by Steven Moffat
502. The Meddling Monks (?), by Steven Moffat
503. Dalek Tea Party (?), by Mark Gatiss (ahahah! Love these inaccurate titles! So funny)
504. Time of the Angels, by Steven Moffat
505. Flesh and Stone, by Steven Moffat
506. Vampires of Venice, by Toby Whithouse
507. Unknown, by Gareth Roberts
508. Cold Blood Part 1 (?), by Chris Chibnall
509. Warm Planet Part 2 (?), by Chris Chibnall
510. Lend Me Your Ear, by Richard Curtis
511. Unknown, by Simon Nye
512. Silver Sentence (?), by Steven Moffat
513. Cyberwar (?), by Steven Moffat
50x. A Crack In Time (apparently, the Doctor is gonna turn into a girl! ) - Christmas Special, by Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies

Season 6
601. Unknown, by Steven Moffat
602. The House of Nothing, by Neil Gaiman


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