Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best TV Shows on Television

Ok, guys, I need some help with this. You all know I LOVE Doctor Who and that I could spend my entire life watching it, but I feel I need some variety. I've recently started watching Sherlock, and I think I'm hooked already (and I've only watched two episodes, although I have watched 'A Study In Pink' 5 times since Tuesday. I know, wow), but I don't really watch much TV apart from those two shows. Sure, I do watch some Torchwood and SJA, but my TV history is pretty, pretty poor. I usually get fed up w/ certain shows easily (specially the ones that focus on romance a lot - 'How I Met Your Mother' being a good example of how not to overdo it, 'cause otherwise I wouldn't really watch it) and I don't follow any other shows apart from DW and Sherlock.

Therefore, I would like to ask you all... What are your favourite TV shows? What show would you recommend for me to watch? Please post a comment below, even if you don't have a Blogger account, and let me know what you think!

Thank you x


NuttyCookie said...

Oh well... So, apart from DW and Torchwood, I watch (in no particular order) : The Big Bang Theory (***), United States of Tara (**), The Middle (*), Modern Family (**), Desperate Housewives (**), Weeds (*), Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure, I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone), Glee (**), How I Met Your Mother (**), True Blood (**), Skins (**, but it might not be the kind of show you're looking for... it's British, though ! :D).
Ended shows : Malcolm in the Middle (***), Friends (***), Ugly Betty (**), Flight of the Conchords (****).
I've heard very good things about Mad Men as well.
I wasn't planning on doing this, but I'm gonna add * thingies after the shows I like most. ^^
There. Done. You might wanna do some research about the shows I've mentionned, I'm too tired tonight to add any useful information you'd actually need and curse me for not giving. :(

NuttyCookie said...

How come I've not mentionned Dexter (***), Six Feet Under (***) and Better Off Ted (**, which is now ended, but was quite funny) ? Silly me.

Fran said...

Hey! Thank you so much for your comment, love.
I've seen one episode of United States of Tara, it was kinda fun but then the channel stopped broadcasting it altogether, so... yeah. Bummer. How I Met Your Mother is rather good, and Skins is not really my type, you're right there.
Ugly Betty was a blast, I am sad they stopped makin' it. MITM was one of those shows I'll never forget, it was awesome.
Thank you so much for your advice, I'll look 'em up! xxxx

Anonymous said...

If you've never watched "The West Wing", I'd recommend it highly. Apart from the fact that it's one of DT's favourite shows, it's awesome in its own right, and the first two seasons are, IMO, the best telly EVER made.

Currently, I'm watching "Fringe" , "Lie to Me" and "White Collar". I don't get time to watch a lot of TV, so something has to grab me fairly quickly to make me want to watch it every week.
Also, if you like UK shows, "Merlin" is fun and has just returned for a third series.

Fran said...

Thanks, honey. I will watch 'The West Wing' for sure. I'm not that into Merlin, I'm afraid. I've heard 'Fringe' is quite good, tho. xx

NuttyCookie said...

You're welcome, honey. It was my pleasure. :)
Toni Colette has always been fantastic, and she is even more in United States of Tara. I've just finished watching the second series, and I'm totally addicted. :)
Now I'm thinking about it, you might not like Six Feet Under as well. It's witty, daring, and has a brilliant cast, but is mostly centered on relationships and includes romance. I should mention it's not cheesy at all, in my opinion.
Oh yes, MITM really was awesome! I will certainly never forget it either! Dewey for President :D
I'm glad you loved Ugly Betty! Most people think it's a silly show, but in my opinion it was a really good one, showing way more intelligence than you could think to begin with.
Oh I didn't know The West Wing was one of DT's favourite shows! I've heard it's very good too. Does this make me a complete brainless fangirl if the fact that DT loves it makes me wanna watch it too ? :3

Fran said...

Not at all! (since I'm thinking the same, eheh!)