Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Introduction to 'Doctor Who' and 'Sherlock' + Watching 'Sherlock' for the first time

I am amazed. I am so incredibly amazed I don't even know what to say.

 It has happened again, guys. I don't usually talk about this, but I know some of you out there already know this, but I think it is worth mentioning it anyways.
As some of you know, I love British television and, to be completely honest, that's pretty much all I watch these days. Not that I don't watch American television or German television (for example, I'm not pinpointing), I just don't get a kick out of it.
One of the most remarkable moments in my life so far happened when, after taking a break from my studying Chemistry, I noticed a show untitled 'Doctor Who' was going to air in a matter of minutes. For some reason, I just knew I had to watch it. I got this strange feeling that what I was about to watch was going to change my life.

 It turned out to be 'Army of Ghosts', the Series 2 episode (with David as the Doctor), and within 5 minutes of watching it, I was completely hooked. The whole concept of the show, the Doctor, the TARDIS, the Daleks, I felt like I was never going to let go of that wonderful world that was now presented to me by this wonderful, dashing man who went by the name of 'Doctor'. I felt I knew the show inside out and I knew I had fallen in love with the both the show and the character (and, consequently, with David). Don't ask me how I knew it or how I did it, but I just knew it instinctively. It was bizarre and almost maddening because I had never felt anything like that. I could feel all that love oozing out of every single pore in my body and I ordered the Series 2 boxset the very next day. I am sure some of you are thinking that that could have been a huge waste of money had I been wrong, but I just know when I am going to love somebody or something forever (or, at least, for a long, long, loooong time. With Doctor Who, I felt it was going to be forever). Right after the episode ended, I rushed to my computer and read everything I could possible read about the show and about David, and started saving pictures and downloading the soundtracks off iTunes. My cellphone was, two hours later, a proper TARDIS, a world that would make any Whovian proud. I had the theme tune as my ringtone, the TARDIS as my message tone and the Tenth Doctor as my wallpaper.

Today, my friends, the same thing has happened to me. As I tweeted this morning (@BritparsleyTen), I finally got my 'Sherlock' DVD on the post. Usually, I watch TV after dinner, so I thought I was going to watch it then. I was too excited not to watch it immediately, though. So I grabbed Disc 1 and started watching 'A Study In Pink'.

I cannot say why, but I was incredibly excited. Yes, I knew 'Sherlock' was brilliant but I still had not watched it. Well, I assumed it was brilliant, anyway. Everybody seemed to think so, so I sort of followed that conveyed idea.

Guess what happened: 5 minutes later, I got that same feeling I got 3 years ago with Doctor Who. It wasn't as powerful but it caught me offguard: I wasn't expecting to feel that again. I didn't connect with it on an emotional level, if you will, so that's probably why it wasn't as powerful but I sort of knew I was going to love this show. When Cumberbatch first appeared I was like 'Hell, yeah, you're going to be great' and I still had not seen him talk or anything, I was just assuming. And boy, I was NOT wrong! He was amazing and I fell in love w/ his character... I'm no stranger to 'Sherlock Holmes' and I am actually reading every single one of Sir Arthur's stories about this particular duo of witty characters... and I am loving the book and now I am in love with the show.

Whovians, fear not, I am a Whovian at heart and 'Sherlock' is not going to make me forget about DW or anything, that's never going to happen. I am actually really glad that I've found another show that I actually care about, rather than one that I like to watch and then lose all interest. Don't get me wrong here, but for 3 years DW was pretty much the only show I followed loyally. I would watch this and that but it wouldn't be the same. Now that I have 'Sherlock', I have a feeling that I'm going to follow it as loyally as I do with Doctor Who... and that is great. It makes me feel like there's some great television on the making and that is, quite frankly, uber exciting.

I am absolutely loving Cumberbatch and Freeman's performances and I feel there's so much more that we have yet to see...! I'm super excited now. I truly am. Roll on, episode 2!

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bekkie said...

Do you have any idea when Sherlock is going to be hitting Aussie screens? cos it sounds like it's gonna be awesome!