Thursday, September 09, 2010

David Mitchell says Doctor Who is too grown up - Commented News Item

Comedian David Mitchell has criticised Doctor Who for forgetting it is a kids' show.
The Bafta-winning Peep Show star said it was odd the show was so popular [among] adults.
"My parents never watched Doctor Who - it wouldn't have occurred to them to do so," said Mitchell.
"They might have been fond of it, they might have said, 'Oh yes, I used to watch that as a child'. What they wouldn't go on to say was '...and I still do now.'" He added: "These days, a huge amount of stuff seems to be aimed at children, but with the assumption that adults - and not just parents - will consume it too."
Doctor Who boss Stephen Moffat has said the show is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Honestly, why does he care? First we had Fry saying that it was a kid's show, now we have Mitchell saying that is it made, and I quote!, 'with the assumption that adults will consume it too'. Well, of course they want to attract a wider variety of audiences, not just children! Doctor Who proved to be a success among adults right from the get go, ever since William Hartnell! I don't even understand why people go on and on about this...


Anonymous said...

well that's just ridiculous! I've been watching it since, well I wont tell you the exact year, I'm female after all, lol, but...

I started watching as a child, WITH my father and/or grandfather depending where I was. I never once watched alone, it was always considered a family show in our house

Fran said...

It IS a family show, and it seems to me that this bloke only wanted some attention when stating something that isn't true at all (at least, the way I see it it is not). I wasn't a child when I started watching it, unfortunately, but I certainly feel like I've watched it forever.
So yeah, what was he thinking??

Helen said...

Craziness. That's all it is!