Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fans slate David Tennant's US accent - Commented News Item

David Tennant fans have had their first glimpse of his scrapped US TV show - and they weren't impressed by his American accent.
The Doctor Who star hoped to make it big in the States with Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, a comedy about an attorney too scared to appear in court.
David gave up the chance to film a movie about Edinburgh bodysnatchers Burke and Hare to take his chances across the Atlantic.
But US network NBC dumped the show after a pilot episode failed to win over executives.
And when a clip from the unseen pilot appeared on YouTube, fans panned Bathgate-born David's Stateside drawl.
One said: "That's Tennant's first fail. Come back to Britain, David."
Another said: "That American accent kills me. His natural accent is so lovely. Not a fan of that voice."
And a third added: "My ears are saying this is wrong but my eyes are saying it is soooo right."
More than 64,000 fans have watched the video since it appeared online.

Seriously, I am NOT going to make a single comment about this. This whole situation is getting more and more pathetic as time goes by. I've written a post about this particular subject, please feel free to read it as I've pretty much said it all there. Seriously, it is enough. Stop slating David Tennant, alright? Focus on his acting and not on his accent - I agree accents are important, but that was his FIRST shot at it. That's all I have to say and please excuse my bluntness, but it had to be said.

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Helen said...

I thought he was great - he sounded like David Ducovney to me.