Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cold Blood - Thoughts

I cannot believe how great last night's episode was, it was incredible. The Silurian council or whatever you want to call it was AMAZING, their city looked so incredibly real it gives me a hard time because I know none of it is real. You had everything, you had the Doctor being heroic, Amy being sassy as usual, Ambrose's demise and both scientists implicitly sharing their love. But there's one thing that is still on my mind, even after a day: Rory. I was expecting him to die, specially when River Song said she had killed a 'good man'... The Doctor told Rory he was a 'good man' as well, so I was suspicious, but I never thought they were going to kill him this early on. And then there's the light from that crack in the wall which surrounded Rory when he died - will Rory come back for the two-parter finale? Is this a dream? Is Rory still alive on the other side of 'reality'? - If you know what I mean; I mean, is he still alive on the 'other' dream? Did the Doctor make the wrong decision, is this one the dream?
And here's one for you: is River Song that Silurian who killed Rory? I keep thinking about that... What do you guys think?

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