Friday, May 14, 2010

Deliberately sexy Karen Gillan

'Doctor Who' actress Karen Gillan has admitted she set out to make the long-running sci-fi series sexy, by dressing her alter-ego Amy Pond in short skirts and provocative outfits.
Karen Gillan deliberately set out to make 'Doctor Who' sexy.
The 22-year-old actress - who portrays the Time Lord's latest assistant, pretty red-head Amy Pond -chose to dress her alter-ego in provocative outfits in an attempt to make the show more relative to current fashions.
Discussing her screen persona's outfits, she told the Evening Standard newspaper: "Amy has a sexy side and she's confident enough to wear those kinds of things.
"I was part of the costume process. I like to think I had a bit of input there. I worked with the costume designer and we just thought that was one of the things that Amy likes to wear. You know, she's a 21-year-old girl. Most 21-year-old girls do wear clothes like that."
The Scottish actress tried hard to include her own style into her alter-ego's wardrobe, even though Amy was a kissogram when she first appeared on the programme.
She explained: "I think with my input in it there's obviously stuff that I like in there and stuff that I would wear, but it's put with a different top that I wouldn't wear. So Amy has her own style, but aspects of my style."
Matt Smith - who at 27, is the youngest ever Doctor - seemingly doesn't have any complaints about his co-star's short skirts.
He quipped: "She is kind of sexy."

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