Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The «'Rex is not your Lawyer' has been dropped» Aftermath

Right, I've had a couple of hours to calm myself down (I'm obviously exaggerating the fact that I need to 'calm myself down'. It's not like I was angry and up kicking things. I was upset. So yeah, maybe I needed some time to reassure myself. Nothing wrong with that, eh)... And I'm sad. I'm feeling genuinely sad. I had high hopes for this project of David's, only for it to be dropped. That's not a good way to pass my afternoon. After all the 'Burke and Hare' hyper, a project me and the girls on the forum were anxiously waiting for, we acknowledged that he wasn't going to be on it. To be completely and utterly honest with you, I thought 'RINYL' was better a project, but I was excited about 'B&H', I truly was. But then I got really, really flabbergasted about this new show. I thought it was going to be massive, and I loved the concept so much, OH SO MUCH!, a lawyer who suffers from panic attacks, who can barely control them on court, I thought 'This is going to be brilliant, epic, magnificent!' and then today... massive disappointment. I'm sure every single DT fan feels that way... I'm sure David was superb... Oh, well.

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