Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do you remember this? - RTD and Ben Cook in Richard and Judy

If you've read 'the Writer's Tale', you'll know that this was recorded prior to the NTA's and that the Doctor Who still didn't know whether David had won or not. Anyway, RTD and Ben went to the show and had to keep their mouth shut about David's departure from the show... You can see RTD really trying not to give out the slightest hint of that was going to happen. I hope you enjoy this. I certainly did. And it means a lot to all of us, obviously. David was going to announce his departure in the NTA's if he won the 'Outstanding Drama Performance' category which, we now know, he did! And because this so called 'Operation Cobra' (him announcing his leaving the show during the NTA's, being that he was out doing 'Hamlet') was only going to get a move on if he won, RTD and Ben had to be extremely careful not to say anything that would make other people even consider the fact that David was leaving. Risky business.

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