Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'Rex is Not Your Lawyer' is not to be - commented news item

After failing to convince enough voters to back Gordon Brown with his election broadcast - David supports the Labour party, David Tennant has suffered a further blow to his amour-propre.  
The former Doctor Who hoped that a pilot episode of a legal drama called Rex Is Not Your Lawyer would be taken up as a series by NBC and it would turn him into an American television star as big as Hugh Laurie. - That's a bit presumptuous, isn't it? Something David is definitely not. Alas, NBC executives have quietly decided to shelve the project.
Tennant had played a lawyer who couldn't appear in court because of panic attacks. The actor failed to make the first night of Hamlet in 2008, but a bad back rather than a panic attack was given as the reason. - David had to be submitted to surgery (he had to remove two vertebrae, if I'm not mistaken - he had a prolapsed disc), and yes, it was a big deal, unlike many journalists put it. I read this article, back when he was in the hospital, stating that he hadn't shown up on a whim. Just because. That made us all Tennant fans feel really sad.
Jonathan Miller, the polymath, said the RSC's decision to give Tennant the title role amounted to "celebrity casting". - Celebrity casting? David has been doing Shakespeare for YEARS. He IS great at it, and they knew it. Celebrity casting? Oh, co'mon. So they gave Patrick Stewart a role because he is a celebrity, too. Both actors are brilliant. So leave it there.

So yeah, I know what you're going to say. 'You're a huge Tennant fan and you think he is perfect and are constantly defending him. Thing is, the British tabloids and newspapers seem to be constantly bashing David these days, and that has GOT to stop. Stuff like 'he's not much on TV, is he?' or 'Hey, what happened to David?' or 'He is not a good actor' do make me angry, and I'm not afraid to admit that! Not in the slightest way. I am just sick of hearing this kind of stupid remarks just because he is busy filming and, consequently, not appearing on television as much as before, e.g. Christmas season, etc. 

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