Saturday, May 01, 2010

What is it with Graham Norton and Doctor Who episodes?

Yes, it has happened again. During 'The Time of Angels''s Next Time Trailer, 'Over the Rainbow' presenter "invaded" the screens during the Doctor's pivotal speech. Many fans expressed their extreme annoyance over that show's banner's appearing during the 'Next Time' trailer. And it only got worse because... it wasn't the first time Norton 'had interrupted' the show.  

Obviously, it wasn't the man's fault. I found the banner to be a bit distracting, I've got to be honest with you, and especially during the Doctor's speech!, but I wouldn't write a complaint about it. Okay, so it happened... again. Poor Graham. Some people are bashing him online. He doesn't deserve it - afterall, it's the BBC who works all those bits and bobs, not the man himself! Anyway, I do understand why people are upset... And I believe that many, on the spur of the moment, got up from their sofas and went straight to the website to complain. And I can't blame them for that.

From the 'Next Time' trailer for Flesh and Stone

From 'Rose'

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