Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who painted the Doctor in 5000 B.C.? - commented news item

by Paul Sutherland,

A CAVE painting created 7,000 years ago has stunned experts - by appearing to show Doctor Who's time-travelling Tardis. - It really looks like the TARDIS! Blimey, that's a bit unexpected. Doctor, what have you been up to?
The picture dating from 5,000BC portrays mysterious figures around an object looking like the TV police box currently occupied by new Doctor Who Matt Smith and assistant Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). - The angels have the blue box. Ahah!
One fan said: "The Doctor is always travelling through space and time so maybe we shouldn't be surprised." - Indeed! No wonder, then! 
Experts believe the picture in Utah, US, was created by mammoth-hunting nomads.

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