Saturday, July 03, 2010

BBC confirms: Johnny won't be the Doctor

This news comes amidst reports of Matt Smith possibly being dropped as the Doctor following a drop in viewership for "The Big Bang." The BBC released no statement on this matter, and I'm assuming that Smith is perfectly safe in his role, considering his contract, which should have him on the show for at least another four years.

I'm personally happy about the news of no Who film. The rumored plot sounded absolutely awful, and a change in actors would have been a horrible move that in the end would have only alienated new and old fans alive. Having said that, I would not mind seeing, in the future, a Doctor Who film that fits in with the television series. It would be wildly successful overseas, of course, and probably fairly successful here, if done right. It would also have to star the actor currently in the role of the Doctor, be that Matt Smith or whoever is playing the twelfth incarnation. I've never been able to bring myself to watch the old Peter Cushing films for this very reason.

Doctor Who will return to television with a Christmas special on Christmas day, and will return for a sixth series in April. Airdates on BBC America are still up in the air, but I hope that they can get over the silly two-week delay and just air them on the same days.

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