Friday, July 23, 2010

Karen didn't use to watch Doctor Who

DOCTOR WHO star Karen Gillan has admitted she hadn't watched the programme before landing a lead role in it.

The Scottish star, who plays the Doctor's assistant Amy Pond, said: "I was obviously aware of Dr Who and knew what a Dalek was, but it wasn't on TV when I was growing up.

"I had never watched it and I wasn't a follower of the show at all."

Gillan has also defended her raunchy demeanour in the show, saying that her character dresses the same as every young girl her age.

Despite her new-found fame, the 22-year-old, from Inverness, said she is not interested in being a celebrity and would shun showbusiness parties. Gillan prefers having quiet nights in with her long-term boyfriend, Patrick Green.

However, the actress said that she was grateful for her success and did not want to complain about the intrusion into her private life. Speaking on Radio 4's Women's Hour yesterday she said: "I'm not annoyed by it. I'm really not in a position to be annoyed by the attention I get.

"Getting the role of Amy has changed my life in so many ways because it's like no other job in the UK. But my personal life is exactly the same as it was.

"The only difference is that I'm on telly on a Saturday night and people recognise me when I go out. I have a long-term boyfriend, I'm still with him and it just remains the same."

Gillan was chosen from thousands of hopefuls to play kisso-gram Pond opposite the new Doctor, Matt Smith. They are currently filming a Christmas special with singer Katherine Jenkins and veteran actor Sir Michael Gambon.


develish1 said...

yeh, at least she knew what a Dalek was, that's more than could be said for Catherine Tate when she started.

Did you see that Buzzcocks special? It was hilarious.

Fran said...

I did! It was so funny... specially because my fav musician and my fav actor were both in it, DT and Jamie Cullum! :D