Saturday, July 10, 2010

Taggart producers 'would love' David Tennant on the show - Woohoo!

The producers of long running STV crime series Taggart have said that they would love former Doctor Who star David Tennant to make an appearance in the show, having auditioned and failed many times before.

Margaret Enefer, executive producer of Taggart, who is currently working on the next series of the show which is set to air in the coming months, told The Drum that Tennant would be more than welcome to appear in the programme, should he wish.

Enefer said; “We would love to have David on the show, in fact I can’t believe he’s never been in Taggart! It would be a treat for the audience and he is welcome anytime.”

Tennant has revealed repeatedly in recent years that he auditioned for Taggart on no less than 16 occasions, without ever landing a role.

He is set to begin filming a new romantic comedy in Scotland next week alongside Kelly McDonald, entitled ‘The Decoy Bride’.

Take a look at one of David's comments about auditioning to Taggart 'every week of his life when he lived in Scotland' (in Top Gear):

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develish1 said...

well of course they want him now, he's famous, lol.