Sunday, July 25, 2010

Doctor Who and the Albert Hall now online

BBC Proms invaded by Silurians, Amy Pond, Vampires from Venice and yes, the Daleks.

For only the second time in history, the music of Doctor Who has been showcased at the BBC Proms. Bringing together the music of the program and sneaking in more classical pieces from Walton, Holst and Orff (like hiding vegetables on a kids dinner plate), the event has been a massive success and is likely to be show over the festive period on the TV.

For now, the BBC Radio 3 simulcast will have to intrigue and excite you and you can picture the appearance of the monsters, and The Doctor himself.

“I think it’s brilliant that kids get to come to the Albert Hall, to witness great musicians playing classically,” bubbles matt Smith, who currently plays the Doctor. “I think Doctor Who is a fun event, and the music really is brilliant and has its own identity.”

And it’s a big music for Murray Gold, the composer chosen in 2005 to score the then gamble of brining back one of Britain’s favourite TV shows. “With all humility, I’m standing in the shadow of giants and I just hope that the music i write can stand in that company,” worries Gold.

The full performance is available online (sadly in the UK, thanks to the geographical restrictions on the iPlayer) until the end of July – part one, the interval, and part two (go to the link below to be able to watch it).


develish1 said...

sadly it's audio only too, but according to the BBC DW site, BBC3 will be showing it later this year, so I think I'll wait for that

Fran said...

Thanks for letting us know! x