Saturday, July 17, 2010

'Everything I Know In Life I Learned From Doctor Who'

If you're wondering what it says just scroll down. I'll have a transcript in the bottom of this post.

  • Guns don't work against Sontarans;
  • A Cybermen suit can be rendered inoperative by means of a direct electromagnetic bomb or Dalek gun and could be destroyed by a direct bazooka blast;
  • Don't blink;
  • Beware of the words 'Bad Wolf';
  • A severed hand can be very useful;
  • Disturbing weak points in time ban have dire consequences;
  • Within the first 15 hours of regeneration a Timelord can reform new limbs;
  • Assistants can be very useful;
  • Dalek Humans are weak;
  • You can grow a TARDIS;
  • The Adipose diet is not a great idea;
  • Upward rain means that you could about to take an unplanned journey;
  • Psychic paper is an excellent way to get in anywhere;
  • Being immortal can give you a big head;
  • The smallest change in time can have major repercussions;
  • Sometimes a fob watch isn't just a fob watch;
  • Be suspicious if planets go missing;
  • Looking into the Untempered Schism can send you insane;
  • A Timelord can regenerate 12 times;
  • Some traffic jams actually can go on forever;
  • Turn left;
  • Beware of the sound of drums;
  • Blue boxes can look smaller from the outside than they are from the inside;
  • The TARDIS can refuel on the rift that lies across Cardiff;
  • A Sontaran's weak point is on the back of its neck;
  • When all else fails use your sonic screwdriver;
  • Humans will always survive;
  • When faced with a Slitheen, vinegar is handy;
  • Count the shadows, if you see a shadow that is not cast in anything beware the Vashta Nerada;
  • When an Ood shows red eye, run!
  • Daleks are made to exterminate!!!

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