Thursday, July 08, 2010

More reviews coming to RTT-SC + Update!

Hey, hey guys!

It has been a while, I know. I have been studying like a mad, mad girl... and that shows on the blog. I have been tired, sleep deprived and sometimes even food deprived because all this studying has been driving me nuts. Posting is not a priority now, as you can tell... and that is quite saddening for me - I feel I can't even post proper... well, posts! I feel my speech is deteriorating badly because I am so terribly tired! (Jenny from knows what I'm talking about.) Enough with the whining, though. Let's get to business!

  • I've recently ordered 'Hairy Maclary: The Complete Stories Collection', an audiobook narrated by that delicious, insanely talented, gorgeous and edible (last DT describing adjective coined by the lovely Dev) David Tennant! I am planning on reviewing that... After I'm done with my exams. Plus, you will be getting a review of 'Whiteout', another GREAT audiobook read by our favourite lad.

  • Previous Doctor Who series - the 'modern' ones, so to speak - will be added to the 'Watch Doctor Who' section of the blog. Classic episodes might be added if requested.

  • I have two or three 'Tennant Delights' lined up for you guys... As we are not going to get much Doctor Who until October/November (when the press will start buzzing with rumours about the Christmas Special), this blog might become more David Tennant oriented... it was more DT oriented at first, but I tried to diversify it a little bit, and you guys know I love David Tennant and Doctor Who... so I try to post a bit of everything, I guess... Whovians and Tennanteers together - I'm a combined Tennanteer/Whovian, and proudly so!

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