Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doctor Who spends time in Colchester – playing football

EVERYBODY’S favourite time traveller, Doctor Who, arrived in Colchester in the latest episode of the hit BBC TV programme.

The tale, shown to millions of viewers on Saturday, saw the Doctor staying in a flat in Colchester, where a hologram was trying to entice people to pilot their alien ship.

Although the cult sci-fi series is filmed in Cardiff, BBC scriptwriters decided to include Colchester in Saturday’s story.

The Doctor, played by Matt Smith, found himself playing football for the King’s Arms football team in a Victorian park, featuring a bandstand identical to the one in Colchester’s Castle Park.

The episode also featured comedy actor and writer James Corden.

Ben Howard, founder of Keep Colchester Cool, a group which promotes Colchester’s music and arts scene, said: “I’m not surprised the Doctor ended up in Colchester.

“More people are making the effort to come into the town now to check out the venues hosting live music, so maybe he’s just doing the same.”

Doctor Who fan, Andy Abbott, from East Stockwell Street, Colchester, said he enjoyed the episode, but was disappointed the town didn’t feature in any scenes.

He said: “It was totally unrecognisable as being in Colchester, obviously having been filmed in Cardiff.

“It seems a shame really, especially because in this day and age I’m sure they could have filmed a bit of Colchester to be included in the programme, even if the actors didn’t come themselves.

“It was nice to have the town mentioned though.”

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