Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update on 'Single Father' - Commented News Item

Here's something about 'Single Father' that was posted originally by a member of Team Tennant - this was, according to the original poster, something found in one big feed... Let's hear it, then. (I shan't name the poster just in case. I just want you to know I wasn't the one to dig all this wonderful info up).

David Tennant finished filming on "Single Father," a four-part BBC Scotland production, in mid-May 2010. It is due to air sometime in the autumn and was shot primarily in and around Glasgow at Filmcity Glasgow, Tramway Arts Centre and Paisley Sheriff Court, among other places, and also on location in Edinburgh. - There are no definitive dates, as far as I'm concerned. I suspected it was going to air around Autumn time... I'm just glad it will. 

An interview with Suranne Jones and Tennant was conducted by GMTV and Richard Arnold, and will also be shown in the autumn.

Film City Govan Glasgow (previously the Govan Town Hall) was opened in 2006, and has production offices, permanent space plus a studio and post facilities on-site. In 2009, it went from having four full-time resident companies to 23 and full capacity.

Red Production Company and list information on "Single Father" at their websites; IMDB reported the location shooting as "Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland," with several people on Twitter and other social networking sites providing DT sightings. It was shot in high-definition with HireWorks (HD Avid equipment rental), a company based in Pinewood Studios that has also been involved in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and the October 2008 BBC production of "Little Dorrit," among other projects.

"Single Father" is being produced by Peter Gallagher (Stone Of Destiny, The Flying Scotsman, My Name Is Joe) and directed by Sam Miller (This Life, The Quartermass Experiment - in which DT starred as Dr. Gordon Briscoe, Spooks). Nicola Shindler is the executive producer of Red Production Company, and Anne Mensah is for BBC Scotland. The television project was commissioned by Ben Stephenson, Controller of BBC Drama Commissioning, and Jay Hunt, Controller, BBC One.

"Single Father" marks David Tennant's first return to Scottish television since 1996, when he appeared in "A Mug's Game"; "A Mug's Game," incidentally, was written by Donna Franceschild ("Takin' Over the Asylum" and also starred several of the same actors. - You've gotta see David's hair and glasses. Hold on. I'll post a picture of it! Tennant's last acting role in his home country was in 2005 as Jimmy Porter in "Look Back in Anger" at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh (rehearsed reading) and at the Theatre Royale in Bath.

Yeah, I know!!

A BBC Press Release on March 25, 2010 announced several actors. Suranne Jones stars as Sarah, the best friend of Dave's love interest. Other cast include Laura Fraser (Lip Service, Florence Nightingale), Rupert Graves (Garrow's Law, God On Trial), Warren Brown (Occupation, Luther), Neve McIntosh (Doctor Who - teehee. If you're wondering, Neve played both Silurian sisters, Inspector George Gently), Mark Heap (Lark Rise To Candleford, Skins), Jenni Keenan Green (River City, Doctors), Sophie Kennedy Clark (Fight, I Want To Be Adored) and Natasha Watson (New Town, Fiona's Story), among others.

The production was also mentioned at News on News, "BBC North "On Track" to Meet Big Challenge": "Director of BBC North, Peter Salmon, said: "We are getting prepared to fundamentally change the relationship between the BBC and the North of England. Our two thousand plus workforce based at Salford will help us do that with a host of brilliant children's, sport, entertainment, religious and learning content for television, radio and the web. Just as important are the independent producers we want to champion and support across the region like Red Productions in Manchester, who are making the new David Tennant drama series, Single Father..."

Also, the Metro published an article on April 22, 2010 that briefly mentions a scene from "Single Father" that took place between actor/comedian Stephen McCole and David Tennant:

Q: "Haven't you just done a nude scene with David Tennant?"
Stephen McCole: There was a nude scene in the script but when we shot it we were both in mid-dress, getting changed after football, so there was no nudity in the end. I love getting my kit off on camera though. It’s very liberating to get your todger out on film. - A nude scene - I wasn't expecting that!


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