Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spoilers GALORE! 'The Pandorica Opens'

I can't really post it in here for fear of spoiling the episode for you. This post from 'A Relative Dimension in Space' blog is so incredibly filled and packed with spoilers it blew me away. The pictures are, what can I say?, they are pretty spoilery and well... pretty much tells you that, at least, visual-wise... this episode is going to be AMAZING, 'End of the World' like but miles better (I never really liked that episode that much. Visually, though, it was a hoot). Wayyy better. I am incredibly excited and I want to post those pictures so bad, but I am really afraid they are too revealing.

Not that too revealing is bad, 'cause it is not (for me, at least), but I want to be fair and only offer readers what they want to read and see, and even if some of them like spoilers (like I do), it wouldn't be reasonable for those who don't.

Having said that, I am going to post the link to this massive spoilery post.

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