Sunday, June 13, 2010

More spoilers concerning Pandorica...

* Spoilers ahead. Tread carefully. *

The most obvious starting point is that the Pandorica is related to Pandora’s Box. So when the Pandorica opens, it should be something like the opening of Pandora’s Box; all the bad things escape and only hope is left. Given the numerous references to fairy tales and myths this season (the Doctor says Amelia Pond is like a name from a fairy tale, Jeff’s computer is labelled M¥TH, et cetera), further myth-inspired plot developments should be a fairly safe assumption.

Just a thought: 'The Medusa Cascade' derives from Greek mythology. 'Pandorica', apparently, does too.
Here are some references to Greece's language and/or mythology.

  • The 'MΨTH' laptop and heart monitors - Ψ being the Greek symbol for Psi;
  • And River Song's 'Ω' on her epaulette, the Greek symbol for Omega;
  • High Gallifreyan appears to be 'a mixture of Greek letters and mathematical symbols'.
If you wish to see pictures of the references mentioned above, please go to This is the site which contains the information regarding Greece.

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