Saturday, June 12, 2010

Message from David Tennant

This was originally posted on a David Tennant forum I am a member of. I often mention it, under the name 'Team Tennant', because you become part of TT as soon as you join the forum. If you haven't already, please do!

Anyway, most of you know that the Royal Shakespeare Company has launched a campaign, 'Transforming our Theatres', whose main goal is to 'create our new home in Stratford-upon-Avon [...] At the heart of the project is a new auditorium which will bring the audience much closer to the stage...' (from Our very own David Tennant has endorsed this initiative and supported the cause. Well, us fans wanted to reward him for being, quite simply, the best actor there has ever been.

To raise money, the RSC asked all of us to name the seats in the house after people you love or admire. DT fans all over the world, including members of this forum (woohoo), have contributed to the cause by naming a seat after David.

We have reached £5,000 to name a seat after David... And I'm extremely proud! David himself sent us a lovely message!:

Dear lovely, lovely people. Thank you so much for all the amazing messages you sent for my birthday. I never fail to be gobsmacked and humbled by all your loveliness. I feel very honoured to have so many kind and generous people thinking of me. It is so appreciated. And now I hear from the Royal Shakespeare Company that you wonderful, wonderful people have raised over £5,000 which will sponsor one of the top level seats in the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-On-Avon when it opens later this year. A place very dear to my heart as you all know. Both the RSC and myself thank you from the very depths of our Shakespearean souls. I could kiss you all.
I know I've been a bit quiet of late, but I'm working hard on a load of new projects so I'll be boring you all senseless with plenty of new things soon. Thank you for being part of such a great website and thank you to Sarah for all her hard work keeping it going.

You are all MARVELLOUS!

love dt xx
This message was actually sent by him - it's no joke, guys! I am really proud we were able to do this!
In the meantime, you can keep on supporting the RSC! Go to for more information.


Helen said...

What a lovely man!

He always gives good messages to his fans, he's always very grateful and sweet.

Which is, of course, why we love him so much!

Fran said...

Indeed, it is! Thank you for your comment!

Helen said...

While I'm here, I DO love that pic of David reading DW magazine!

He has the most lovely eyes, doesn't he?

I hope you enjoy my blog - I have to say that I've not updated it much of late.

I must do better, particularly if I have an audience! :)