Friday, June 25, 2010

Want to star with David Tennant in 'Decoy Bride'?

Develish1 takes the credit for finding this baby out - thank you so much!! :D
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Her posts often feature witty and delicious remarks about DT... And this one is no exception! 

AN Isle of Man based casting agent is looking for real characters to play as extras in two up-coming films being shot in the Island.

The Ex-Isle Film Agency is holding casting sessions tomorrow (Friday, June 25) at the Upper Hall of Promenade Methodist Church in Loch Promenade, Douglas, from 5.30pm until 8pm. They are recruiting film extras for the productions which will run from June through to September.

The first production is feature film The Decoy Bride, starring David Tennant. The story is set on a remote Scottish Isle.

Bev Lawley, owner of Ex-Isle, said: 'We are looking for real characters - fishermen and crofters. We also need a male in his 30s with brown hair, 6ft & extremely slim.

'We are also looking for musicians who can play the bodhran or fiddle, and an organist. Ideally they would be male and 40s- plus.'

A second production is a six -part TV crime drama series shot over of ten weeks starting in July.

In terms of casting requirements, Bev explained: 'We are looking for an African-Caribbean male, in his 30s to 50s, approximately five feet, 10 inches, to be a stand-in for the lead actor.

'We are also seeking an 18-month old boy of both Afro-Caribbean and Caucasian origin.

'We are asking any ladies who are due to give birth to babies of Afro Caribbean/Caucasian origin to contact Ex-Isle. Ideally the babies will be anything up to five months old, as they are required to play a newborn.'

Ex-Isle is also seeking a range of characters who are of Mediterranean, Asian, Eastern European & African or Caribbean origin.

See, or contact Bev Lawley on 07624 415096 or 01624 835100. Please bring your exact measurements with you to the session.


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thanks for the little promo Fran :)

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Anonymous said...

forgot to mention, the BBC news website has picked this up now (after ME would you beleive, lol) you can read their article here

BBC News

Fran said...

Thanks, Dev. Oh, no problem. Us DT addicts must stick together. x