Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forbidden Planet: Most Wanted Items

Yeah, I know, I am a sucker for Forbidden Planet... I love the fact that they have virtually EVERYTHING Character Options releases as part of their Doctor Who branch. I have ordered several things from there (including Eleven's sonic screwdriver: I still have to post a picture of it in here, and probably update my post on my collection - click here). Anyway, here you have some of the items I would love to have (except for the 11 Doctors set, once I have already covered the fact that I want it here).

In short:

- Amy Pond
- 'Regeneration' Weeping Angel (that's how it is described)
- The Tenth Doctor: standee
- TARDIS keychain


Anonymous said...

oooh, a life sized DT to stand in the corner of my room.

excuse me, I need to go get a cloth to clean up the drool.......

Fran said...

The life-sized DT standee is a favourite of mine... I've been wanting it for so long!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what hubby would say if I suggested one for the corner of the bedroom though, lol