Thursday, June 03, 2010

First Doctor Who Game Episode Leaks Out Early

The first episode of the BBC Doctor Who game has arrived three days ahead of its planned release date for PCs. Titled "City of the Daleks," the episode is available from the BBC Web site. MCV gives word that the Mac version has been pushed back until June 15. MCV also reports that this early release has not been publicized by the BBC because it's not the final release.

"We're testing the system with an almost-final version of 'City of Daleks' ahead of the official release date," said BBC executive producer Anwen Aspden. "The reaction so far has been overwhelming, but so far we're still investigating whether we should tweak certain elements up to release on 5th June. So whilst those who've downloaded and enjoyed it in its current iteration have the advantage of playing through it early, there may be some minor tweaks coming."

The statement also points out that they expect heavy server strain to hit after showing a launch trailer with the new episode of Doctor Who on Saturday. The BBC promises to send word if the final build is up before then, so fans can download it before the server is hit. In the meantime, if you don't mind playing a game that isn't finished, it's available.

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