Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is the Pandorica? - Spoiler-ish...

*You have been warned. Spoilers ahead.*

It is believed that the Pandorica is some sort of legendary prison which contains some of the greatest evils the universe has ever witnessed. Could the opening of the Pandorica be what is causing the cracks in the universe? And what is causing the Pandorica to open? And just what is lurking on the inside?

Fans know for definite that the Cybermen feature in this particular episode or the subsequent second part, “The Big Bang”, as they have been featured in the series trailer. However there is also the possibility that original classic series cybermen might also return and not just those created by Cybus industries.
There are also strong suggestions that the Daleks may reappear once more and these would be the re-designed Daleks that were created during “Victory of the Daleks”. There is also the possibility that the Sontarans may return too. Essentially any enemy caged within the Pandorica could be released and this might lead to the production team creating new foes or utilising existing ones.

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