Friday, June 11, 2010

TARDIS Bracelet Charm: Pictures

Right, I dunno if I've mentioned this before on the blog, but I did mention it on Facebook: I have recently purchased a TARDIS bracelet charm, which is my absolute favourite charm of all the ones I have. I own a Pandora bracelet, which clearly needs no explanation whatsoever - they are extremely popular and, at least for me, they are meaningful. I still haven't finished mine, but there are three or four charms that are Doctor Who related... The show has a great impact in my life and I literally breathe and live Doctor Who. It has opened my eyes to how wonderful our planet is, and how it could be a better place if only people were aware of its beauty and fragility (thank you, Ten).

Here you have some pictures of the TARDIS charm and some other ones. I will post a link to the website where I bought my bracelet. Costumer service is excellent and the charms are not that expensive... Thank you, Annabel, for creating these amazing pieces!


Kate said...

What are the charms???

Ernest Rider said...

The Tardis needs to be on a bead shape with a wormhole at a vanishing point.