Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doctor Who Treats: 'The Complete Specials' DVD Boxset

Description: This release includes all the Doctor Who Specials from 2009 ( The Next Doctor/ Planet of the Dead/ Waters of Mars & Winter Specials). In special packaging, this box set contains the following special features; Commentary with Cast & Crew, Delete Scenes, Exclusive David Tennant Video Diary, BBC Proms, Doctor Who Confidential,...

Price (at Amazon.co.uk): £26.98

Review: As soon as I knew this boxset was going to be released, I immediately rushed to Amazon with the intention of buying it. I cannot remember whether this was announced before or after the individual episodes' DVDs... Oh well - it has a point.
Basically, I wanted the special episodes really bad (I guess it was because I knew the end was near for Ten and I wanted to rewatch all the episodes before 'The End of Time', so I could come up with ideas on how the episode would be - the episodes, in fact) - I was a bit put off, as I usually am when it comes to certain DVD's, because of its price. Amazon is a bit pricey, I agree, but sometimes they get early releases of certain DVD's and books I want to purchase - that's why I always end up buying stuff from their website. More to the point, I got the individual DVD's: I got 'Waters of Mars' and 'The End of Time Part One & Two' from Amazon and 'The Next Doctor' and 'Planet of the Dead' from HMV (which were incredibly cheap if you compare their price to Amazon's!). I had been saving for these DVDs for such a long time I succumbed to this whim of buying them individually, something I don't usually do. Sometimes I get bargains that way: I got the first 5 episodes of the first series of Torchwood for £5 from Sainsbury's. Cheap as chips.
DVD boxsets are unbelievably pricey but contain all Doctor Who Confidentials, bloopers, Video Diaries and more. That's why I always go for them: The first 3 episodes of Series 5 have been released now: I am not planning on buying them, anyway.
If you compare the prices, the boxset gets cheaper than buying the episodes individually - I think this is a must for all Doctor Who fans... specially if Ten was your Doctor. It is rather pointless having it when you have the episodes individually... Still, it is a nice piece of memorabilia to own. I have the boxset, I got it way cheaper (can't remember where, though), but I keep it away, as I do with other DW memorabilia.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Anonymous said...

I've got this too, and it is a great box set, I specially like that it has all the Confidentials, and full ones too, not cut down versions.

As daft as it sounds though, if you're in the UK and have a multi-region player, it's cheaper to get the region 1 version from play.com as it's only £20.99. As far as I'm aware there's no difference between the two.

Fran said...

It is a great boxset! I have to admit, though, I don't really understand why the Region 1 version is cheaper. That's odd, to say the least.